What Should Me & My Fiancé Do to Prepare Ahead of Time? (Fiancé/Spousal Visa Prep.)

12 Apr 2018

Irish on Instagram asks, “My fiancé is from the UK. We plan on getting married in October. Is there something we should do beforehand?”

Excellent question. A lot of customers call and ask what they can do to prepare for a particular Visa type. And if you’re getting married over in the UK, the primary piece of evidence that you’re going to need, of course, is the certified marriage certificate. And that must be certified through the appropriate civil authority.

Now, if you’re applying for a fiancé Visa, then it’s a different set of requirements and supporting documents that you’ll need. On the fiancé Visa, you would need photographs of the two of you together, stamps in your passport. You’d want to keep a copies of your boarding passes, your receipts from your trip, things like that to show that you have physically met in person.

With a spousal visa, you want to prove that you have a bona fide, legitimate relationship. And that could include copies of communications, greeting cards, things like that. You could also include photographs of the two of you together. You could use third-party affidavits – that’s notarized statements signed by witnesses to your marriage and to your relationship.

Since the original question didn’t mention, this answers both scenarios – fiance visa and spousal visa.

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