New standards are being rolled out that are designed to basically make it harder to immigrate to the US. The process to immigrate has always included a quite extensive vetting process, but these new measures are likely going to make it even harder.

This is likely to cause more delays, requests for evidence and denials.

  • Some of these measures haven’t been rolled out yet, but have certainly been discussed by the Trump Administration. Things that include
  • Travel ban on certain countries
  • Allowing search of your mobile phone records
  • Access to all your social media profiles (Which may include login information)
  • More grilling questions about your opinion of America, things like your religious and political beliefs, possibly.
  • Requiring you to produce many more years of work history or school history
  • Much stricter proof required for financial side (Affidavit of support) - i.e. more years of tax returns than previously

What can you do to prepare for it?

  • Be prepared to jump when they ask you to
  • Don’t post anything to social media that could be questionable
  • Go above and beyond with your proof of bona fide relationship - you want your case to be solid as a rock. If your case is sort of on the fence, or even slightly in doubt, it is likely to default to a denial.
  • Get started now, before all of these measures get made in writing and roll out officially.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Immigration is constantly changing, and old information often becomes outdated, including procedures, timelines, prices, and more. Take note of the publish date. For archival purposes, these posts will remain published, even if new information renders them obsolete. Do not make important life decisions based on this content. No part of this post should be considered legal advice, as RapidVisa is not a law firm. This content is provided free of charge for informational purposes only. If anything herein conflicts with an official government website, the official government website shall prevail.

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