What Should I Expect at the Fiancé Visa interview

05 Sep 2017

This is from Suzanne. It says, “I’m nervous about the Fiance Visa interview at the embassy. What should I expect? Do you have any tips?” Rick want to take that.

I’ll take that. There’s nothing to be nervous about with the interview. I actually went to the interview in Manila with my wife and I can tell you that you’re gonna receive instructions not only from the US Embassy but you’ll receive some instructions from Rapid Visa as well. You’ll want to be prepared for the interview. You’re not going to be able to take electronics in there or any devices. You’ll have to check those. You’re gonna want to bring your passport, your birth certificate. You need your appointment letter. In some cases, depending on the petition type that you file, you may need some supporting documents.

And as far as the interview goes, keep in mind the Consultant Offices are interviewing quite a few folks so they don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on each applicant. So you don’t have to be nervous about spending a long time in there. I can tell you that you’re gonna have to go through several different windows and you may be there for as long as eight or nine hours throughout the day. So you want to make sure you eat a good solid breakfast. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. In some cases, you do get a break in the middle but as far as the questions go. We have some sample questions on our website. Be sure to check those out but again there’s nothing to be nervous about on the interview just make sure that you and your significant other, your fiance or spouse have a bonafide legitimate relationship and that you are familiar with each other.

We also recommend that you look at the petition that you file and go through it together. A lot of the questions that you’re gonna receive come right out of the petition itself. So just be familiar with that. In some cases, the petitioner, the US citizen may be able to attend the interview. I actually went to the interview with my wife and found that I do believe that it helps out quite a bit. One, it shows solidarity. It shows that you have a bonafide relationship. It also shows support. I also found that the questions may be a little bit easier. They lobbed a question to my wife that was like a softball. Just asking her what my name was. And she said, “Excuse me.” And the Consultant’s Officer said, “Well what’s his name?” And she said, “Well Rick, Richard.” And anyway it was quite humorous at the time because I think they just felt that we were together and knew each other very well and could answer all the questions.

So again, nothing to be nervous about but just be prepared and if you have any questions or concern again contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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