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Paraguay Country Information

RapidVisa es el principal procesador en línea de Fiance Visa en Estados Unidos. Nuestro volumen es por qué nuestros precios son mucho más bajos que los procesadores de bajo volumen que cobran $ 900 o más por el mismo servicio exacto. Nos quedamos con usted desde el día en que realiza la presentación hasta que su prometida llega a Estados Unidos, incluido el apoyo completo de la embajada, todo por un bajo precio.

Información de la Embajada Estadounidense en Paraguay

Embajada Estadounidense, Asunción Paraguay

Sitio web de la Embajada: https://py.usembassy.gov/

Número de teléfono de la embajada: 595 21 213-715, 595 21 248-3000

Dirección de correo electrónico de la embajada: [email protected]

URL para programar la entrevista en línea: https://paraguay.usvisa-info.com

¿Puede el novio / cónyuge asistir a la entrevista?

Dónde pagar la tarifa de la Embajada: https://py.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/

Los documentos en el idioma local deben traducirse: Todos los documentos que no estén escritos en inglés o en el idioma oficial del país en el que se realice la entrevista DEBEN estar acompañados de una traducción en inglés. Las traducciones deben estar certificadas por un traductor competente y notariadas.

Cuota de examen médico: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical

Método de programación de citas de la embajada: https://paraguay.usvisa-info.com

Método de programación de citas médicas: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical

Número de fotos requeridas para la entrevista de la Embajada: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/ASN-Asuncion.html

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 1

Testimoniales de Paraguay

I met my fiancée on Facebook and after meeting her in person on March 2016 we decided to do a fiancé visa to get her to America so that we may become Married.

RapidVisa seemed like the obvious choice to use for help being as I had 0 knowledge of the process and was uncertain on what to do. RapidVisa has so many testimonials and that's really what attracted me to them.

I really am glad I used them! We submitted our packet to them RapidVisa in June 2016, and were done with the USA portion of the process in August. RapidVisa and Maggi (rep) helped set up the US Embassy for us in Manila as well as the medical exam. So glad for this as I would have been waiting for a message from the embassy as I did not know we have to be active and set the interview date on our own.

Thank you RapidVisa!

The US Embassy asked us for a document which I did not think we would need. Because of that her process was delayed little bit but that was on us not RapidVisa.

After spending the holidays with her family in the Philippines my Fiancée arrived her in Phoenix Arizona on January 4th 2017!

Thank you RapidVisa! Our wedding date is March 18, 2017!

~ Eric and Jocelyn

Eric and JocelynPhilippines / United States of America

We are glad we contacted Rapid Visa for help in my K1 Visa process... We started filling about the month of February. We receive the approval notice around last week of the same month... Got my first interview schedule in the month of June but sadly it was rescheduled but since I can't come on the said time I request for another scheduled... Finally get through around August and last Sept. 9 I arrived here in the U.S. … 

Rapid Visa, your such a big help to us especially to me... Irish, and the rest of the group I'm very thankful of your patience towards me... Especially one guy there (I forgot his name) who help me a lot to the point of almost sacrificing his career... You answer all my queries and concerns even helping me through all the forms I need to fill up... Thank you guys...

~ Terry and Richelle

Terry and RichellePhilippines / United States of America

We would like to thank Rapid Visa. Our K1 Visa was approved on 1/9/2015. When we started this process we were looking ahead to months and months of agonizing waiting. Rapid Visa helped to keep things moving swiftly and efficiently. We truly believe Rapid Visa shaved months off our time apart.

Their streamlined paperwork process and detailed instructions gave us confidence that everything was done properly. We were always prepared for the next step so that no delays were ever caused by us. We felt a step ahead of the government process and in control. Anytime we had any concerns or questions we received very quick answers via Online Chat. The staff has always been very friendly and supportive. Thank you Rapid Visa! 🙂

~ Kevin and Mannelyn

Kevin and MannelynPhilippines / United States of America