¡Permítanos ayudarlo a traer a su ser querido de Paraguay a Estados Unidos!

Paraguay Country Information

RapidVisa es el principal procesador en línea de Fiance Visa en Estados Unidos. Nuestro volumen es por qué nuestros precios son mucho más bajos que los procesadores de bajo volumen que cobran $ 900 o más por el mismo servicio exacto. Nos quedamos con usted desde el día en que realiza la presentación hasta que su prometida llega a Estados Unidos, incluido el apoyo completo de la embajada, todo por un bajo precio.

Información de la Embajada Estadounidense en Paraguay

Embajada Estadounidense, Asunción Paraguay

Sitio web de la Embajada: https://py.usembassy.gov/

Número de teléfono de la embajada: 595 21 213-715, 595 21 248-3000

Dirección de correo electrónico de la embajada: paraguayIV@state.gov

URL para programar la entrevista en línea: https://paraguay.usvisa-info.com

¿Puede el novio / cónyuge asistir a la entrevista?

Dónde pagar la tarifa de la Embajada: https://py.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/

Los documentos en el idioma local deben traducirse: Todos los documentos que no estén escritos en inglés o en el idioma oficial del país en el que se realice la entrevista DEBEN estar acompañados de una traducción en inglés. Las traducciones deben estar certificadas por un traductor competente y notariadas.

Cuota de examen médico: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical

Método de programación de citas de la embajada: https://paraguay.usvisa-info.com

Método de programación de citas médicas: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical

Número de fotos requeridas para la entrevista de la Embajada: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/ASN-Asuncion.html

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 1

Testimoniales de Paraguay

We would like to thank the Rapid Visa for assisting us throughout the process from Fiancée Visa then now AOS. We are so glad that we found you here because like me working and no time on following up the paper works. You did the great Job guys for people like us to be together. I know it's quiet expensive but it's really worth. Promising job! what we did with my fiancée was keep waiting when somethings arrived on the mail box. Well, It's worth for the waiting for everything was done successfully by God's help. Now my Fiancée was my wife. We are processing the AOS. Whatever we need to do for my wife status here. We will continue keeping in touch to Rapid Visa and use your service. God Bless! Thank you Lord and to Rapid Visa so much!

~ Louis and Mira

Louis and MiraPhilippines / United States of America

I just want to thank Rapid visa for making my dreams come true! No consultant Company knows the rules for immigration like Rapid Visa. They answered all questions. Rapid Visa ensured that the list of documents required will be sufficient and had everything USCIS would be looking for. They were correct. My fiancée is now here in the USA within about 9 months.

~ Amonce and Barbara

Amonce and BarbaraHaiti / United States of America

Hi Jenn,

This is a long story but it must be told. It has been an experience that we will remember forever. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you and your staff about our pleasant experience with RapidVisa.

We had checked on other immigration websites and we're getting very depressed. It seems like the process would sound very complicated when we would speak to a representative.

We contacted several different attorneys on immigration, and we even went to an attorney's office here in Texas. Their prices were from $6000.00 to as much as $12,000.00 and said it could take up to one year or possibly longer.

We were nearly ready to give up when we found RapidVisa's web site on the internet. It was a very thorough web site with all the forms and information one would need to get the visa. We checked the fee and it was so reasonable compared to others we thought it to be a scam. We thought about it for several days and decided to call. We were in for a pleasant surprise. The staff we talked to were very pleasant, helpful and sincere about helping us get a visa. We knew then we had found the answer to our prayers.

With the help of their friendly staff, we filled out the forms and got the necessary documents they requested us to get, sent in the application plus documents and was approved very soon. When my fiancée and her daughter went to Manila for their interviews, they went to RapidVisa's office across the street from the embassy and was greeted by some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and were very helpful in making sure all paperwork and document were in order and she and her daughter qualified without any problems. Eight months later my fiancée and I were married right here in the USA. Thank you again RapidVisa for being there to help us through this process!!

~ Wayne and Emilia

Wayne and EmiliaPhilippines / United States of America