Visas Familiares para Estados Unidos de Argentina

Argentina Country Information

Permítanos sacar el drama de su proceso de inmigración. Ya sea que tenga un prometido, cónyuge o padre en Argentina que le gustaría traer a los Estados Unidos, RapidVisa puede ayudarlo. Hemos hecho el proceso sin complicaciones y simplificado. Es gratis para empezar e incluso ofrecemos apoyo en español.

Información de la Embajada Estadounidense en Argentina

Embajada de Estados Unidos, Buenos Aires Argentina

Sitio web de la Emabajda:

Numero de telefono de la embajada: (54-11) 5777-4533

Correo electrónico de la embajada: [email protected]

URL para programar la entrevista en línea:

¿Puede el novio / cónyuge asistir a la entrevista :

Dónde pagar la tarifa de la Embajada: Cualquier Sucursal de Citibank o Rapipago

Los documentos en el idioma local deben traducirse: Cualquier documento que no esté escrito en inglés o en español debe ser traducido al inglés por un traductor público / certificado. Trae el original y una copia de cualquier traducción.

Tarifa de examen médico: 250 pesos

Método de programación de citas de la embajada: Por teléfono o en línea

Método de programación de citas médicas: llame al consultorio del médico para programar la hora

Número de fotos requeridas para la entrevista de la Embajada: 3

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 1

Testimonials from Argentina

Hello Rapid Visa, Just a quick note while on a very long hold with a firm that makes me appreciate you all the more. Your people have been friendly, fast, and competent. I will recommend you to anyone that needs help dealing with the USCIS. You are helping bring a family together. Thank you!

~ Leslie and Erron

Leslie and ErronJamaica / United States of America

We would like to thank RapidVisa for all the support they have offered from the very moment we contacted them for our K1 visa application. RapidVisa has shown a real sense of proficiency & responsibility of all levels to make things work for us.

Though we were annoying them with great amount with questions but they never delayed a reply and they have been always there helping us in completing everything to the tiniest detail.

We trust filing our applications with RapidVisa and of course we are going to trust them again for our AOS application...

~ Tatiana and Muhamad Raii

Tatiana and MuhamadUnited Arab Emirates / United States of America

Hi my name is Jon and my wife's name is Maricel. For us Rapid Visa, is like our home our family why because that day we've fall in love from each other all we can think about is we can't wait us to be together. As I remember every holiday of mine in USA I always looking forward to visit my wife in Philippines and she's also looking forward to having me next to her, so every time after my vacation she dropped me at the airport she's always crying because being in love with different.

Countries is wasn't easy, it is heavy when you leave your love of your life, so one day I just told her don't worry honey I'll do my best to bring you here so we can have each other again and cry for happiness not cry for pain because I need to come back to USA so I did my best but I'm afraid if I can't make it so one day when I open my laptop I see this Rapid Visa so I click it on and read everything so I said oh God thank you for this wonderful sign I can't wait to tell her so I just start taking to Rapid Visa staff start creating my account then we start work it, then when I was tell to my wife you don't need to cry anymore every time you sees me in Facebook I will get you there she said how I said Rapid Visa service they all so nice and very helpful so we did everything from step to step until she get in USA, so for us this is our 3rd time now using Rapid Visa service, because this company is being a greatest part of our life our journey. I believe this Rapid Visa makes couple family or anyone happy. As I believe marriages is not perfect we fight we argue but at the end of time to LOVE from each other still there as this Rapid Visa give their true love and dedication to help us make our love strong together so for us our success is and enjoying each other is just because of the love and guide from this company for me this company not just a job this company is a real home for all of us.

To Rapid Visa staff especially to miss Weng thank you from the deepest part of our heart for your help and guide us. May God bless us all.

~ Jon and Maricel

Jon and MaricelPhilippines / United States of America