"It's been 45 days since my documents have been qualified by NVC for CR1 case, but not received any interview appointment date. Could anyone please help me know why there is a delay?"

If you go to the NVC website, they're actually posting on there right now do not even contact them until after 60 days. So if you call them before that, they'll tell you the normal processing time is 60 days. But I wouldn't wait much longer after that. I would give them a call, if it's at the 60 day window. As most of you may know, the NVC and the USCIS are all backed up right now. Their caseloads are quite large, and they've been issuing a lot of RFEs, that's request for evidence documents. We're seeing more RFEs now than ever before.

Unfortunately, it's a double edged sword. It's creating more work for the USCIS, and for the National Visa Center. But it's referred to as "extreme vetting", and they're just making sure that these are legitimate cases that are being filed. But they're really backlogged right now, so if we give you an estimate on the time frame, and we tell you, you know, four to eight weeks, well, you may have to add another two to four weeks to our estimates. We're giving you information based on what we're hearing, and receiving from our customers. But everything's in flux right now. It's changing every day, and we hear from some customers that say that it's taken far longer than what we've estimated, or far longer than what's posted on the government web sites.

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