Does RapidVisa Have Denials? What are the Causes?

14 Aug 2018

What causes for denial even when using RapidVisa? Have you had any cases like that?

Given our volume of tens of thousands of petitions, it is essentially impossible to have a 100% approval rate. So yes, we do receive denials, even though it’s a very small percentage. Here are some reasons we’ve seen for denials:

  • Undisclosed prior marriage(s)
  • Don’t meet the financial requirements and can’t use a joint sponsor (Certain countries don’t allow it)
  • Consular officer doesn’t believe relationship is genuine
  • Some other undisclosed criminal activity

Please keep in mind RapidVisa has a money-back guarantee that would cover problems caused by RapidVisa, but if you have undisclosed issues or omissions, RapidVisa cannot be held responsible. We are here to help you make the best case moving forward with your petition, and will make sure your paperwork is in order, and hold your hand through each phase.

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