Do I Submit the Same Documents & Evidence for K1 Visa & AOS?

15 Feb 2019

Will I be submitting the same documents for adjustment of status that I did at the K1 interview?

A lot of the same documents will be submitted for your adjustment of status. The only difference is that you want to have current documents.

For instance: Your income.

If you’ve just gone through the K1 fiance visa process, you probably just spent six to eight months going through this long process and now all the documents that you submitted back then are probably out of date and usually when you’re submitting your financial documents you want the most current documents.

And also, you’ll have a new marriage certificate. You’ll have other new evidence like comingled finances and more.

When you use our service, we give you a very detailed checklist that’s customized to your scenario it’s based off the answers that you provided in our proprietary online questionnaire. So you’ll just print out that checklist and you’ll run with that.

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