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Afghanistan Country Information

Limited NIV & IV. For more information, click here.

URGENT UPDATE 2018: Please be aware that this country is affected by President Trump’s Executive Order 13780. This could change at anytime, however this is the most recent information we have. According to this order, which was upheld by court in January of 2018 states:

(g) Yemen.

(i) The government of Yemen is an important and valuable counter terrorism partner, and the United States Government looks forward to expanding that cooperation, including in the areas of immigration and border management. Yemen, nonetheless, faces significant identity-management challenges, which are amplified by the notable terrorist presence within its territory. The government of Yemen fails to satisfy critical identity-management requirements, does not share public-safety and terrorism-related information adequately, and fails to satisfy at least one key risk criterion.

(ii) The entry into the United States of nationals of Yemen as immigrants, and as non-immigrants on business (B-1), tourist (B-2), and business/tourist (B-1/B-2) visas, is hereby suspended.

Should you apply using RapidVisa’s services, please be aware we cannot control this ban and you may be denied.

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My fiancé and I met on an online dating services and we communicated back and forth for two years - In Aug of 2014 I went to the Philippines to ask her to marry me and she said "yes" - since my fiancé and I are not computer friendly - we contacted Rapid Visa and made an appointment - we met with Albert at the Manila office and within an hour and a half the K-1 was filled out - I had not brought all the paperwork I needed to send in with the K-1 - So I was given the K-1 and the address I needed to send it to as soon as I got back to the USA. About two weeks after sending the K-1 off - I was notified by the US Government that it was being processed - It took about 6 months from that day we met with Albert - for my fiancé to arrive in San Francisco - Albert helped me and my fiancé at every step - the employees and company are great to work with and are well worth the money -

~ Rich and Wena Boone

Rich and WenaPhilippines / United States of America