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United Arab Emirates Country Information

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Information about getting married in United Arab Emirates

United States Embassy, Abu Dhabi UAE

Embassy Website: https://ae.usembassy.gov/

Embassy Phone Number: 971-2 414 2200

Embassy Email Address: abudhabiIV@state.gov

URL for scheduling the interview online: https://evisaforms.state.gov/default.asp?postcode=ABD&appcode=3

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee: At National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Local language documents need translated: All documents should be accompanied by English translations.

Medical Examination Fee: For New Medical Center AUH & DUBAI
New Updated cost of medicals (New Test added which cost 450 aed ).check hospital website.
The cost for the US Medical for adult applicants is AED 975. This includes consultation examination, x-ray, urine and blood test.

For urgent reports, mentioned earlier, the charges are more than AED 975. Urgent charges are non-refundable in the event the test results are abnormal and further testing is required.

For children the cost for examination and blood test for tuberculosis is AED 650.

Vaccinations, if required, are charged separately depending on the type of vaccination required.
4 vaccinations cost 600aed.


The following documents are required for the US Medical:
Original Passports and three copies of the first 2 and the last 2 pages of your passport
6 passport size photographs (35 mm x 45 mm) with white background, Vaccination Record in English (if any) & Embassy Appointment Letter,

You will be required to provide the following:
Present Address of Residence and Postal Code of Residence, Intended US City and State of residence, Intended US Address and postal code and Email address,

Please bring your eyeglasses (if any).

Embassy appointment scheduling method: https://ae.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/citizenship-services/loss-of-u-s-citizenship/scheduling-appointment/

Medical appointment scheduling method: By calling the assigned physicians listed on the website here: https://abudhabi.usembassy.gov/medical_examination.html

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 3

Testimonials from United Arab Emirates

I got my wife’s fiancé visa through Rapidvisa last 2018 and that was so fast. And in the the same year I traveled to Philippines to get her. She arrived in U.S August 2018. We got married October in that year because we only got 90 days to get married for fiancé visa. Early 2019, we filed for greencard, that time we didn’t think about asking Rapidvisa about greencard it’s because we thought they only do visa we didn’t know they do greencard too and I’m not even checking online if they do. So, we just did it on our own and unfortunately they denied it because we missed to filed/ submit some forms, papers etc. That was very sad and we couldn’t think what to do because we didn’t know what forms or papers we missed to submit. They gave us a chance to filed an appeal and the second time it’s denied again. And that was very terrifying moment. The immigration send a letter that we have to re-file. So that time, me and wife talking about it that we need help from somebody, a lawyer maybe. And my wife said why we don’t ask Rapidvisa since they’re the one helped you to get my fiancé visa. So i called them right away and we found out they do greencard too! From that, it feels like there’s hope already. Rapidvisa told us what to do, and we followed everything they said and we provide everything they want us to provide such us important papers and everything. They always make sure everything is right. All the staffs are nice and friendly. We started filling mid September 2019 and we got my wife’s permanent resident card (greencard) August 2020. We are very happy that finally we got it! Me and my wife are very thankful and grateful to Rapidvisa. This company helped us from my wife’s fiancé visa to greencard. You’re all amazing! Keep helping couples like us and God bless! ?

~ Cecil Spence

Cecil and JuperPhilippines / United States of America