Fiancée or Spousal Visa from San Marino to USA!

San Marino Country Information

San Marino is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which means that citizens of San Marino may enter the United States for up to 90 days without a visa for the purposes of tourism or business. For all other types of travel and for stays longer than 90 days, foreign visitors to the United States require a visa.

Visa Info in San Marino

Unified Webpage for all U.S. Citizen Services Throughout Italy

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Italy has developed a single website to provide information to those seeking visas to enter the United States. Please visit the Italy-wide Visa information webpages.

Testimonials from San Marino

After 26 months being here with my fiancé we finally reached our goal and got Visa's for Lea and her daughter Fia. Rapid Visa made the whole process so much easier with their knowledge and expertise. Lea's annulment took 13 months then we waited a few months before applying for the Visa's. The Visa process is complicated and trying at times but with the help of Albert and Joban we got through it. They made the tough times seem a lot easier.

Thank you Rapid Visa for everything. We are happy to say that tomorrow October 3rd 2015 we are flying to America, the long journey is coming to an end. We will be married shortly after and use Rapid Visa again for change of status. Thanks' everyone at Rapid Visa that answered our many questions and calmed me down at times, you guys are the best.

~ Lea, Fia and Glenn

Lea, Fia and GlennPhilippines / United States of America