Fiancée or Spousal Visa from San Marino to USA!

San Marino Country Information

San Marino is part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which means that citizens of San Marino may enter the United States for up to 90 days without a visa for the purposes of tourism or business. For all other types of travel and for stays longer than 90 days, foreign visitors to the United States require a visa.

Visa Info in San Marino

Unified Webpage for all U.S. Citizen Services Throughout Italy

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Italy has developed a single website to provide information to those seeking visas to enter the United States. Please visit the Italy-wide Visa information webpages.

Testimonials from San Marino

Rapid Visa,

We are so grateful for the wonderful phone support and in person service at the Philippines office. It was so nice to be able to call when I had questions and for Christel to be able to go talk with someone when needed. Our visa took much less time than those of friends who decided not to use this service. So worth the small fee!

We just got married and are now working on our Adjustment of Status! So exciting! We would absolutely recommend this service to anyone! Thank you so much!

~ Zack and Christel

Zack and ChristelPhilippines / United States of America