Bring your loved one from Romania to the USA

Romania Country Information

We can help you obtain the appropriate family visa for your Romanian loved one. It's free to get started and we will be by your side through the whole process. We have staff attorneys if needed, but cost way less than hiring a law firm.

Information about getting married in Romania

United States Embassy, Bucharest Romania

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (004) 021 200 3300

Embassy Email Address:

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee: Although fees are listed in U.S. dollars, payment must be made using local currency. You can pay your fee at any Banca Transilvania location. More information about payment options is here. To find a Banca Transilvania branch, click here.

Local language documents need translated: Any document not written in Romanian or English, a certified translation must be provided. The original certificate must be presented along with any translation. Original certificate and one photocopy.

Medical Examination Fee: 550 lei ($150) for adults (results take 24h)
450 lei ($140) for minors (results take up to 14 days)

Extra 400 lei is required for each applicant to have in case further investigation / vaccinatins etc are needed.

Embassy appointment scheduling method: You may call 031 780 0260 within Romania or (703)988-7105 from the United States, or you may schedule your appointment via the Internet. The call center can also be reached via Skype at ustraveldocs-Romania.

Medical appointment scheduling method: The first step in preparing for the medical examination is to determine which doctors in your area are authorized to perform a medical examination for U.S. immigration purposes. The information shown by U.S. Embassy and Consulate provides the authorized physician(s) contact information for you to schedule your medical examination appointment, as well as instructions related to the required medical examination.

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 4

Testimonials from Romania

From the very beginning, once Elizabeth and I decided how we wanted to go about things, Rapid Visa thoroughly went over the process with us. We decided on the CR1 Spousal Visa.

Throughout the whole process, as we worked out our personal plans, they were always there whenever we needed them. All the information you need is provided on their site depending on the stage you are in. Just read everything step by step and though it may be easier said than done, do not get in a hurry and think you can find a way to "by-pass" one of those steps. They know how things work and approximately how long each will take and will NOT steer you wrong. We had a few delays last year that cost us extra time and money that had nothing to do with them. We went on someone else's info from their experience years before but things had changed since then and we paid for those mistakes. They were small mistakes but they still put us more behind. We swallowed our pride and stopped listening to others and put our trust solely on RapidVisa and their expertise. They always sent us important messages via email or drop box on our account with them. Sending document copies back and forth was easy. We NEVER had a situation where they gave us false information.

The fee they quoted us was exactly what we paid, for ALL their services; and for us it was worth every penny.

While in Manila in August of 2014, we stopped by their office to get some advice (after we hired them many months earlier). They filled us in on some things we needed to get done in order to marry in Davao City. That was the beginning of our exciting adventure. It won't be as quick as you may want it to be, but it will still save you time than if you do it without help.

In May of this year I flew back to Manila to be back with Elizabeth once and for all. Our mission on this trip was to obtain her visa. I won't bore you with the details but despite more unexpected "technical" delays due to no fault of our own or Rapid Visa, they were STILL there to help us through from the very beginning of these new challenges. Hopefully you won't have the issues we had and it won't take as long, but regardless, I can promise you that they will stick with you through thick and thin. With their help, despite the extra wait, her visa finally came through.

If you TRULY love and trust each other then it will be WELL worth the wait and whether by CHAT, PHONE, or IN PERSON, RapidVisa will be there for you.

We spoke to representatives in both Colorado Springs AND Manila depending on the time and they were ALL very helpful. To all of RapidVisa, Elizabeth and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ John and Elizabeth

John and ElizabethPhilippines / United States of America