Fiancée or Spousal Visa from North Korea to USA!

North Korea Country Information

No specific U.S. Embassy or Consulate has been designated to accept nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications for residents of North Korea. U.S. Embassy Beijing, China, generally processes nonimmigrant visa applications for travelers visiting the United Nations in New York, since Beijing is the most convenient location.

U.S. citizens to North Korea: Travel Warning

Testimonials from North Korea

Ohh where should I start? lol 😉 anyway... I just wanna say thank you very much to the RapidVisa team especially to DAN, WENG and JULIET for assisting us with our paperwork... For being there all throughout the way for making it possible for us to be together soon... Continue helping to those sweethearts that wanting to be with each other just as what we want too.

Okay just wanna share our timeline:

Feb. 28 2013- We passed our packet, March 21 2013-got our NOA1, July 10 2013- got our NOA2 august 27,2013- got approved from the US embassy.

I'm still waiting for my visa and still need to do that CFO thing.

So to those lovers out there that are still waiting for their papers... All we have to do is to wait and we really need patience as well... Anyway, time flies so swiftly... Like ours, we really didn't expect that it will be approved that fast... Coz me and my fiancé were expecting that it will takes for 8 mos. and up for everything but luckily... We only waited for 5-6 mos. should I say! So now, good luck and have faith.

MORE POWER TO YOU RAPIDVISA... I'm so overwhelmed... May God Bless us all.. 🙂

~ Charisma and Eric

Charisma and EricPhilippines / United States of America