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RapidVisa is here to help you with the stressful process of getting your Nicaraguan loved ones into the United States, or adjusting their status once here. Our visa approval rate is over 99% and we cost a fraction of the cost of an attorney. We offer Spanish support and it's free to get started.

Information about getting married in Nicaragua

Temporary Protected Status Extended

United States Embassy, Managua Nicaragua

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (505) 2252-7100

Embassy Email Address: [email protected]

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee: You can pay your nonimmigrant visa and K-type visa application fee in cash at Banco Ficohsa in Nicaragua.

Local language documents need translated: All documents should be accompanied by English translations.

Medical Examination Fee: The total estimated cost of the exams is $ 225.00 - US $ 440.00. The cost of medical examinations includes the cost of the vaccine.

Embassy appointment scheduling method:

Call Center: Please call 2264-1099, follow the instructions and schedule your interview. The operator will either request your "Payment Reference Number" (Citibank sample receipt) or the email address used to process your online payment via PayPal. Same thing applies when scheduling an appointment with the online appointment system (See sample).

- If you are in the U.S., please call: (646) 259-0557
Online appointment system: with this option, you must have a user account. If you do, schedule your appointment.

- If you are a first-time user, create your profile.

Medical appointment scheduling method:

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 1

Testimonials from Nicaragua

Rapid Visa made our part very easy, doing all the paperwork, answering all my questions, and I had a lot. The process time didn't seem to take that long, everything got approved and it felt so easy. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or family member that wants to bring a loved one to the united states. My fiancé got his approved visa on October 7th, 2016. We are beyond excited that its finally approved and he's coming, it feels like a dream to be honest. I'm so happy with out results, and cant thank them enough.


Dusty and Syed AsfandPakistan / United States of America

Ben and everyone at RapidVisa, Thank you and God bless you and your incredible company! I just received my NOA2 it took exactly 4 months from the time I received my NOA1. I am very pleased with the outstanding service your company has provided for us. When I first started looking at companies to help us apply for our fiancée visa I was overwhelmed by the vast number of choices to select from. A friend of my fiancées gave us the name of a law firm in New York that she had used successfully. I contacted them and they quoted me a $1500.00 retainer. Plus would not promise that would cover all the charges. After investigating several other companies, your program sounded very genuine. So we decided to try it and I'm so glad we did. RapidVisa is undoubtedly first class service at a bargain price. I look forward to completing the Visa process with your support. We will definitely be using RapidVisa for our adjustment of status. Thank you very much!

~ Larry and Sujie

Larry and SujieChina / United States of America

RapidVisa is the BEST. Very helpful, caring, and wonderful. They made everything so easy. My beautiful Colombian fiancé is so happy and we are making our wedding plans now.

~ Paul and Maria

Paul and MariaColombia / United States of America