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RapidVisa is here to help you with the stressful process of getting your Nicaraguan loved ones into the United States, or adjusting their status once here. Our visa approval rate is over 99% and we cost a fraction of hiring a traditional attorney. We offer Spanish support and it's free to get started.

Information about getting married in Nicaragua

Temporary Protected Status Extended

United States Embassy, Managua Nicaragua

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (505) 2252-7100

Embassy Email Address:

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee: You can pay your nonimmigrant visa and K-type visa application fee in cash at Banco Ficohsa in Nicaragua.

Local language documents need translated: All documents should be accompanied by English translations.

Medical Examination Fee: The total estimated cost of the exams is $ 225.00 - US $ 440.00. The cost of medical examinations includes the cost of the vaccine.

Embassy appointment scheduling method:

Call Center: Please call 2264-1099, follow the instructions and schedule your interview. The operator will either request your "Payment Reference Number" (Citibank sample receipt) or the email address used to process your online payment via PayPal. Same thing applies when scheduling an appointment with the online appointment system (See sample).

- If you are in the U.S., please call: (646) 259-0557
Online appointment system: with this option, you must have a user account. If you do, schedule your appointment.

- If you are a first-time user, create your profile.

Medical appointment scheduling method:

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 1

Testimonials from Nicaragua

I think this company is a great tool for gathering and submitting documentation for an immigrant visa. The staff are always there, no matter the issue to help whenever and however they can.

This was a grueling and frustrating process dealing with government red tape, inequities in services, and the current political conflicts of immigration in the United States as of now.

If we did not have RapidVisa, this would have been unbearable, as many problems arise from what goes on in the beginning, and how the application, accompanying paperwork, and other random incidents particular to your case must be in proper order and completion to prevent this.

To illustrate the gravity of what I am talking about, think of every communication that is needed with the government on the US side or Philippines, Hong Kong(beware, they take 4 weeks to do ANYTHING) or anywhere, takes at LEAST 60 days.

So, be real, and don’t get stuck on false hope and setting yourselves up for failure by thinking stuff like, “oh yea, 6 months, my hugs&kisses will be here.” Don’t fool yourself. This is an AVERAGE, and not always spot on.

Lets not forget, this process that held us up was the GOVERNMENT and their nitpicky, single-minded, intellectually devoid, cavalier, sloppy, forgetful, wasteful, ignorant, dysfunctional, and inefficient nature, and NOT RapidVisa. RapidVisa makes this stupid, eternal, horrible process WAAAY less horrible, by preparing you for your case properly in the BEGINNING, so that you may actually see an END to it all---trust us.

This process took about a year and a half. Without RapidVisa—I would give it another year on top of that, no joke, by the way things went with communication with the governmental entities, to go on a wild goose chase for the government/immigration/NVC/USCIS/US Embassy/whatever and all their stupid paperwork they lazily, and stubbornly DEMAND from you, like police records (HongKong LOVES to lose things. Took me an additional 4 months because they ‘lost’ my package[the foreign bank draft HongKong DEMANDS or it takes them another month if you pay in another way{have fun with that one}], and sent it to the wrong place 3 times… thanks Hong Kong! 😀 ) and countless other stupid things they like to have placed under their nose on a velvet pillow, that they can much more easily gain themselves, with all their spying technology the rest of the world is so upset about—come on, US Immigration, Come on.

That being considered, I think that RapidVisa is an excellent concept and I have only seen it improve as time has gone on. The staff is definitely the company’s greatest asset, in addition to the service RapidVisa provides, and was a definite help regarding my immigration process. I am truly thankful for the service of simple human contact and endless patience that they seem to have--this is crucial to a separated couple, as stress and frustration with the ‘system’ can be overwhelming at times, and when we needed to speak with a human being, if not just to do some venting and a little bit of freaking out (but totally not directed at RapidVisa, because they are the good guys:) ), a human being was there, free of charge. Hopefully this does not change as they grow, which is without a doubt, considering the rate of growth I have seen in just this last 2 years. The application process, after it was finished, RapidVisa was still there to help guide us and tell us what to expect. They really made things easy on the mind this way, and eliminated some stress.

I think that immigration should be simple, but it is not, unfortunately.

RapidVisa makes it simple

Starting out, this process can be complicated and difficult to get started, and leave a couple not knowing where to start, and unsure about what to expect, but RapidVisa puts to rest these worries. They literally hold your hand through the process, telling you what to send and how to send it. The staff are very patient, kind, and professional, and pleasant to interact with.

This service, essentially fool-proofs the whole application process. It is totally worth every penny, and would recommend RapidVisa to anyone considering this process. They are always improving the web interface, providing an easier user experience, resulting in greater functionality and streamlined communication between separated spouses/fiancées, the ability print required paperwork, and much more. Dominic, Albert, Johben, thank you! For those I failed to mention, I apologize as there are more and more of you being hired on, which shows a successful company, and productive people. Great job, keep it up, and from both of us Lerma and Matt Short, thank you!

~ Matt and Lerma

Matt and LermaPhilippines / United States of America

We would like to thank the staff of Rapid Visa. You were always available for answering all questions including after the Embassy interview. The staff of Rapid Visa was always courteous and quick to reply. Our Visa process took less than 5 months thanks to the accuracy of your information and explanation of the requirements. We feel this could not be accomplished with out your help and we would recommend to everyone that the fee is worth the peace of mind.

~ Steve and Florabel

Steve and FlorabelPhilippines / United States of America

Rapid Visa did an outstanding job in helping us in obtaining our CR1-Spousal Visa. Rapid Visa provided professional guidance throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Rapid Visa, we were pleasantly surprised at the turnaround time from start to finish. With Rapid Visa the entire process was extremely stress free. Thanks again Rapid for providing unquestionable service and bringing our family together.

~ Piera and Mason Lesure

Piera and Mason LesureItaly / United States of America