Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Montenegro to USA!

Montenegro Country Information

The U.S. Embassy in Podgorica regrets that immigrant visas are not processed in Montenegro. The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade processes all immigrant visa cases for applicants in Montenegro.

US Embassy Info in Montenegro

If you would like to obtain more information about applying for an immigrant visa in our Consular Section in Belgrade, please go to Immigrant Visa Section Belgrade.

If you would like to obtain general information about immigrant visas to the United States, please visit the Immigrant Visa Section of the Department of State website at Immigrant Visas to the U.S.

Testimonials from Montenegro

I first met my now wife, on an Asian dating site. We are both the same age and we just hit it off great! We both wanted to make sure what we wanted first since we were older (50 years old). There was no talk of marriage, we just enjoyed the talking itself. After we found out how much alike we were and we felt as though we have know each other forever, we both kind of had the same thing going through our heads “like“, what the heck are we doing just talking when we both know that we love each other. That’s when I did it, I asked her if she would marry me, and needless to say she said yes… Or I wouldn’t be here.

That is when I started looking at what we needed to do to get married, and to bring her here. We had to decide if we wanted to get married there? If we did that then there is more paper work, and we still have to get married in the US. So we decided to make it as easy as possible and do the K-1 Visa, where you get married in the US and it makes your petitioning a lot easier, less time consuming and less paper work.

Even though the easiest way is the K-1, there is plenty of paper work and it can get pretty confusing. That is where come into play.

First I checked into what it would cost to have an Immigration Lawyer handle everything, paper work and all, I got prices from $5,000 to $7,500... Well that was out of the question for me, I don’t have that kind of money to throw away on a Lawyer. Before I seen RapidVisa’s add, I check out one other place on the Internet that did petitioning for the K-1, but they didn’t have the phone support as RapidVisa does, and there price was quite a bit more expensive… Then I seen RapidVisa. The first time I talked with Ben about how I can ask him questions when I have trouble, he said I can email him and he also has phone support until 8pm (central time) “then“. I’m not sure what his phone support time is now a days, I started my K-1 in 2009 or 2010.

I remember calling after 9pm once because I didn’t know what to put down for one of the questions, and Ben answered the phone… I was shocked! I thought I would just get the recording and leave a message. I called Ben so many times, sometimes 6 or 7 times in a day. I thought he was going to tell me that he’ll give me a refund and to go somewhere else and leave him alone!… BUT HE DIDN‘T, he still treated me like it was my first time calling him. That is when I knew I made the right choice.

Thank God for RapidVisa’s software that made doing this petition so much easier. I see they now have there own office right near the U.S. Embassy. They just keep improving more and more for the people who are petitioning for the K-1, that’s fantastic! I can tell you this… Even before all the new changes they have done now a days that have made it even better for petitioning, they were still great years ago when I did mine.

My wife and I have been married for two years now and we couldn’t be happier….

To the whole team at RapidVisa, my wife and I both thank you!

~ Dan and Margarita

Dan and MargaritaPhilippines / United States of America