Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Montenegro to USA!

Montenegro Country Information

The U.S. Embassy in Podgorica regrets that immigrant visas are not processed in Montenegro. The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade processes all immigrant visa cases for applicants in Montenegro.

US Embassy Info in Montenegro

If you would like to obtain more information about applying for an immigrant visa in our Consular Section in Belgrade, please go to Immigrant Visa Section Belgrade.

If you would like to obtain general information about immigrant visas to the United States, please visit the Immigrant Visa Section of the Department of State website at Immigrant Visas to the U.S.

Testimonials from Montenegro

I will not say that Rapid Visa has been flawless, in
their support; but, they HAVE provided EXCELLENT
support! I married my wife, HERE, in the Philippines.
Since I held a permanent resident visa, ACR-I CARD I
was entitled to file, directly, with the USCIS, at the
U.S. Embassy in Manila. (DCF). It is very difficult to
get ANY cooperation from the USCIS, regarding
explanations related to the process of DCF filing,
which differs MUCH from the NVC process.
Had it not been for the folks, at Rapid Visa, whom
were ALWAYS available to me; &, assisted me through
several difficulties; &, provided information, which
the folks, at the Embassy, refuse to provide.
I VERY HIGHLY recommended the services of Rapid
Visa! We filed the petitions for a CR-1 SPOUSAL visa
along with a CR-2 for my Step daughter on October
2nd, 2018. They received their visas on January 19th,
2019. We sincerely appreciate the support, efforts
& encouragement of the folks, at Rapid Visa
throughout what was an arduous process,
Philip, Missy, & Cyderlyn Grace

~ Philip Dale Roberts

Philip Dale RobertsPhilippines / United States of America