Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Malta to USA!

Malta Country Information

The U.S. Consulate General in Naples is Italy's sole immigrant, fiancé(e), and diversity visa-issuing post and is responsible for processing immigrant, fiancé(e), and diversity visa applications for residents of Italy, Iran, and Malta. The Consulate provides these services by appointment only.

US Embassy Info in Malta

For specific information about filing immigrant and fiancé(e) visa petitions for residents of Malta, click here.

Testimonials from Malta

Yes Ingrid and I was married in Oct first 2012. Now we will in the next one or two months use rapid Visa again to get green card and work permit ,plus resident permit. And then inn a short while use rapid visa again to get children there visa here. Rapid visa does just what they say they will do. Just a great company to get international paper work for many type's of visa's. Thank you Rapid visa for my great Godly wife from Colombia.

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Charlie and IngridColombia / United States of America