Bringing your loved ones from Madagascar to USA thru Fiancée or Spousal visa?

Madagascar Country Information

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US Embassy Info in Madagascar

United States Embassy, Antananarivo Madagascar

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (+261) 20 23 480 00

Embassy Email Address: [email protected]

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview:

Where to pay the Embassy fee:

Local language documents need translated:

Medical Examination Fee: Current exam fees are: 241,336 MGA for an adult and 40,000 MGA for a child under age 15. For children under 15, additional fees, up to the fees for an adult, may be required if additional testing is necessary.

The fees above do not include fees for any missing vaccinations. If you need additional vaccinations and choose to have them administered by the physician’s office, his normal charges for this service apply.

Embassy appointment scheduling method:

Medical appointment scheduling method:

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview:

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 4

Testimonials from Madagascar

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