Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Israel to USA!

Israel Country Information

All immigrant visa services are provided by the Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem. The Embassy in Tel Aviv does not provide immigrant visa services and does not answer any immigrant related inquiries.

Information about getting married in Israel

Any inquiries concerning your immigrant visa case should be sent to the Consulate in Jerusalem at the following E-mail: [email protected]

General information about Immigrant Visa processing can be found at

Testimonials from Israel

We want to thank RapidVisa for all the support throughout our Fiancé Visa journey!

Me and my husband, Brian applied for my K1 Visa last July 25, 2014 and got approved in 1 month and 25 days, finished the process on September 19, 2014. It was fast and smooth!

RapidVisa is worth paying for. I heard some negative feedbacks in paying this agency yet we were never discouraged. Why? First I never treated this as an agency, they became our friends and family throughout the process. I met the staff in person when I was still processing the visa in the Philippines and they were all nice and very accommodating. All RapidVisa staff were helpful for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. They were always there when I was having difficulty in my paperwork and confusions throughout the process. They have a very helpful website wherein me and my fiancé (now husband) created our Account- it made our process very easy. All the needed forms are already there, you just have to fill out the information, submit it, then before sending the documents, they will thoroughly check the information to make sure everything is filled out correctly to avoid future delays and inconvenience.

My husband was very busy yet he was able to maximize his time because of RapidVisa. It gave us peace of mind and confidence! that will make it. Aside from having a money back guarantee, this company has credibility and received 99% positive reviews from clients.

I arrived here in the US on October 9th and got married on November 21, 2014, at the same time we were able to celebrate our First year anniversary. Long distance relationship works, it just takes a lot of guts and patience!

I would highly suggest using RapidVisa for the next K1/ K2 filers. Experiences express the quality of the business!

Thank you for giving me us the opportunity to be with our loved ones this Holiday season! This will be my first White Christmas here in the US.

We are very grateful that you became a part of our special journey. Thank you and more power!

~ Brian and Sharmine Nalley

B. and SharminePhilippines / United States of America