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Honduras Country Information

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US Embassy Info in Honduras

Temporary Protected Status Extended

United States Embassy, Tegucigalpa Honduras

Embassy Website: https://hn.usembassy.gov/

Embassy Phone Number: (504) 2236-9320, 2238-5114

Embassy Email Address: tggniv@state.gov

URL for scheduling the interview online: Create an online account at: https://www.ustraveldocs.com/hn/hn-niv-appointmentschedule.asp

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: No

Where to pay the Embassy fee: At any branch of Banco Atlántida

Local language documents need translated: Any supporting documentation that you provide that is in a language other than English must be accompanied by a complete English translation. The translation must be completed by an independent party. The party providing the translation must note that his/her is competent to translate.

Medical Examination Fee: General Exam: Lps. 1,000 (including doctor’s fees). The total cost of the medical exam, including tests and vaccines can reach up to Lps. 23,000, depending on your personal medical condition.

Embassy appointment scheduling method: Applicants may obtain an appointment through their call center or online.

Medical appointment scheduling method: By calling one of the doctors listed on their web.

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 1

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 1

Testimonials from Honduras

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Rapid Visa, what looked like long nights and long days of consistent googling if I was completing the forms correct was shortly stopped by Rapid Visa. It was easy and way less time consuming. I love that they have 24 online support, it has been so nice to have and it is one of the main reasons I again chose Rapid Visa to help my husband and I to file his Adjustment of Status. When my husband was interviewing for his K1 Visa to come to America many people told him this was the fastest completed visa they had seen in a long time. Thanks to rapid visa for making the transition way less stressful, and here is to a stress free Adjustment of Status 2!

Thank you,

~ Xiangxu and Megan

Xiangxu and MeganChina / United States of America

When I began my relationship with my wife in China over 4 years ago, I knew one day I would need to eventually complete a petition. The thought of this scared me, as I had a friend back in the US who had gone through the same process, but it was arduous and took about 1 year to complete. He even went the lawyer route and spent thousands of dollars.

I had moved back to the US and was searching online for a reputable visa consultant. I came across RapidVisa and combed through their testimonials. Pleased with what I read AND the fact that they are not afraid to list their US office address (this was a MAJOR deciding factor for me), I decided to purchase their K-1 Fiancée Visa service. The team at RapidVisa made sure all of my concerns were answered and that I had a bulletproof submission packet.

Sure enough, 4 months later, my wife (then fiancée) finished her interview and we received her passport with the visa.

My friend couldn't believe how fast we had received it and I told him, it had so much to do with the team at RV. There were so many times where I was worried and unsure that I was doing the right thing or filling out the forms correctly, but the team provided me with all of the answers and a clean print out of the packet.

We were married in the Bay Area about 2 months after we arrived in the country together.

I was so happy with their service that I am now using their AOS service and I'm pleased to say that so far, everything is in order. My wife recently had her fingerprinting done at the USCIS office.

Thanks to Percy, Albert, Tina, Rimer, Jasmin, Mark, Willy, Cherie, Lee, Betty, Dan, Chona, Dominic, Weng, Keren, and Irish for all your support and putting up with my non-stop questions!

~ Phillip and Ying

Phillip and YingChina / United States of America

We began our K1 Visa process through RapidVisa in April 2016. We got all the documentation together and submitted it in June. Our application was approved and sent to the NVC and by October was at the US embassy in Manila. After the medical exam and interview, our visa was approved and I brought my fiancé to Hawaii on April 22, 2017. My fiancé could have come here as early as January but we waited a few months due to her work and we wanted to spend time with her family first. However, our entire process from submission of paperwork to RapidVisa to Visa approval by the US Embassy was less than six months. Will be using RapidVisa for our AOS too. Very satisfied and forever grateful for all their assistance. My fiancé and I were married on May 15, 2017.

~ Guy and Harchel

Guy and HarchelPhilippines / United States of America