Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Falkland Islands!

Falkland Islands Country Information

Falkland Islands is a British overseas territory in the south-west Atlantic Ocean. To know more please click here for information.

Testimonials from Falkland Islands

On behalf of Scarllette and myself I would like to thank the staff of Rapid Visa. We are not there yet but have successfully conquered the interview and steps leading to it. In particular I would like to thank Dominic for his tireless work with Scarllette and I. I know for sure his long hours and patience guiding us each step of the way. I really appreciate the time and professional and personal care given to Scarllette and I during this process. I know for sure without Rapid Visa and their excellent and dedicated staff we couldn't have gotten this far with out them. Thank you so much and looking forward as we move forward into the next steps ahead of us its great knowing were not alone rapid visa will help us and guide us each step of the way.

Sincerely yours,

~ Jeremy and Scarllette

Jeremy and ScarllettePhilippines / United States of America