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Need help to get your loved one from Cyprus to USA? RapidVisa can definitely help you bring your loved ones to USA through either a fiancee or spousal visa. We have helped thousands of people unite with their loved ones through US Fiancee, Spousal and Parent visas. We promise to have your petition ready within 4 business hours once you complete the questionnaire. Get Started Now!

Information about getting married in Cyprus

United States Embassy, Nicosia Cyprus

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: 357-22-393939

Embassy Email Address:

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiance/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee:

Local language documents need translated: All documents not written in English or in the official language of the country in which the interview takes place MUST be accompanied by a translation in English. Translations must be certified by a competent translator and notarized.

Medical Examination Fee:

Embassy appointment scheduling method:

Medical appointment scheduling method: For your medical examination you should contact the clinic of one of the doctors, click here for the list.

Please do NOT make appointments with more than one doctor, as this may lead to a delay in processing your case.

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 2

David and Jesebel

Cyprus-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comMy Jesebel and I first met online years ago. At First we were just friends then, early last year, we realized it was much more than friendship. We weren’t sure where to even start. We heard about Rapid Visa online so I called and asked them how to proceed . I first wanted to bring here to visit the US as a Tourist. They told me It would be unlikely that she would be allowed to come just for visit. Knowing we needed to have met within the two years I planned a trip to see her. Jesebel is from the Philippines but is living in Nicosia Cyprus.

I was concerned because I knew that being from one country and having to interview in a third country might complicate things. Rapid Visa helped us so much! I visited Jesebel in Cyprus for a week in early September in 2015. We began getting our documentation. It took us about a month to get everything together and get it to Rapid Visa for review. They were satisfied with what our evidence and we followed their advice exactly.

In a few weeks were received our NOA1, then towards the end of November we received the news that our petition was approved. Jesebel received her package from the US Consulate at the end of November. The Christmas Holidays slowed us down a little. But her interview was scheduled for Jan 22.

Because Cyprus was not her native Country we were very concerned that they might not approver her. There were some differences between what she went through there and what might have happened in the Philippines. Rapid Visa was there every step of the way to answer questions and give us both confidences in our chances for success.

Jesebel got dressed up and made her appointment and did beautifully! They must have asked her 25 questions. The questions came straight from the list that Rapid Visa list. She knew all the answers! She studied and Rapid Visa had helped so much!

She received her approval that day and will be landing in Nashville TN at the end of February. We are thrilled!

Thank you Rapid Visa! From the very start to landing I the US, a total of 5 months!


David and Jesebel
Cyprus / USA