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Chile Country Information

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US Embassy Info in Chile

United States Embassy, Santiago Chile

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number:
From Chile: (+56 2) 2585-6989
From the US: (703) 439-2329

Embassy Email Address:

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee:

Local language documents need translated: All documents not written in English or in the official language of the country in which the interview takes place MUST be accompanied by a translation in English. Translations must be certified by a competent translator and notarized.

Medical Examination Fee:
Adult: General physical examination and blood test radiography and HIV ( AIDS ) * - US $ 140.00
Children: General physical examination (under 15 years) - US $ 77.00

Embassy appointment scheduling method:

Medical appointment scheduling method: - Santiago

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 2

Testimonials from Chile

Ohh where should I start? lol 😉 anyway... I just wanna say thank you very much to the RapidVisa team especially to DAN, WENG and JULIET for assisting us with our paperwork... For being there all throughout the way for making it possible for us to be together soon... Continue helping to those sweethearts that wanting to be with each other just as what we want too.

Okay just wanna share our timeline:

Feb. 28 2013- We passed our packet, March 21 2013-got our NOA1, July 10 2013- got our NOA2 august 27,2013- got approved from the US embassy.

I'm still waiting for my visa and still need to do that CFO thing.

So to those lovers out there that are still waiting for their papers... All we have to do is to wait and we really need patience as well... Anyway, time flies so swiftly... Like ours, we really didn't expect that it will be approved that fast... Coz me and my fiancé were expecting that it will takes for 8 mos. and up for everything but luckily... We only waited for 5-6 mos. should I say! So now, good luck and have faith.

MORE POWER TO YOU RAPIDVISA... I'm so overwhelmed... May God Bless us all.. 🙂

~ Charisma and Eric

Charisma and EricPhilippines / United States of America

This site was very helpful in getting my wife's spouse visa to the U.S. The staff were very professional, courteous and timely during the visa process. All my questions were answered and everyone that I know that went thru the immigration process with their spouses couldn't believe the timeframe that our visa process took.

Thank you to all the people at RapidVisa.

~ Ken and Jessebil

Ken and JessebilPhilippines / United States of America

Thank you RapidVisa!! Before contacting we were so confused with the Visa process and the various agency requirements. Your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, there answers to questions were very precise. Unlike other websites where people give opinions and not facts, you guys are #1 in our book.

Again thanks for the help in making or CR1 visa process with zero RFE's and no administrative reviews.


~ John, Qiong and Johnny

John and QiongChina / United States of America