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Information about getting married in Cambodia

United States Embassy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (855-23) 728-000

Embassy Email Address: [email protected]

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiance/spouse attend the interview: No

Where to pay the Embassy fee: The fee is payable in US$ cash only at the cashier window inside the consular section of the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh on the day of your scheduled appointment, prior to your visa interview.

Local language documents need translated: All documents which are not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Translation must be certified by a competent translator.

Medical Examination Fee: $88+ USD depend

Embassy appointment scheduling method: Make an appointment online by going to their website after completing the application form (DS-160).

Medical appointment scheduling method: Applicant must contact the physicians directly to arrange an appointment.

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 3


According to new marriage requirements issued on by the Government of Cambodia on March 7, 2011, male U.S. citizens wishing to marry Cambodian women must:

* Be under 50 years of age, and
* Have a monthly income of at least US $2,500


Testimonials from Cambodia

Dear Staff at RapidVisa; Attention: Chona

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~ Robert and Irish

Robert and IrishPhilippines / United States of America