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Afghanistan Country Information

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United States Embassy, Kabul Afghanistan?

Embassy Website: https://af.usembassy.gov

Embassy Phone Number: (00 93) (0)700-10-8001

Embassy Email Address: KabulIV@state.gov

URL for scheduling the interview online: https://evisaforms.state.gov/default.asp?postcode=KBL&appcode=3

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: No

Where to pay the Embassy fee: Will pay the fee to the Consular cashier inside the Embassy immediately prior to your interview.

Local language documents need translated: Documents do not need to be translated into English or notarized. You can bring originals of all documents. After the interview, the Consular officer will return them to you.

Medical Examination Fee: USD $365.00 per person; ** Cost of Vaccines are extra **

Embassy appointment scheduling method: Online by going to their website.

Medical appointment scheduling method: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical/KBL - Kabul

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 1

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 3

Testimonials from Afghanistan

We are glad we contacted Rapid Visa for help in my K1 Visa process... We started filling about the month of February. We receive the approval notice around last week of the same month... Got my first interview schedule in the month of June but sadly it was rescheduled but since I can't come on the said time I request for another scheduled... Finally get through around August and last Sept. 9 I arrived here in the U.S. … 

Rapid Visa, your such a big help to us especially to me... Irish, and the rest of the group I'm very thankful of your patience towards me... Especially one guy there (I forgot his name) who help me a lot to the point of almost sacrificing his career... You answer all my queries and concerns even helping me through all the forms I need to fill up... Thank you guys...

~ Terry and Richelle

Terry and RichellePhilippines / United States of America

Eva and I met on Facebook and became friends in December of 2012. We chatted everyday and found we were very much alike and had an uncanny amount of the same feelings, interests, as well as typing and sending the same replies at the same time. I have always felt in my heart there is someone in particular for everyone that you are supposed to find to spend your life with, as opposed to just being with “someone that will do”.… I just wish my special someone wasn’t 9,000 miles away!!

Soon it was quite clear that we needed to be together and began looking at how to do that. The process would be long. Lots of paperwork and forms and waiting, and the thought of having done the paperwork wrong and having to do all over and wait some more was just not what we wanted to go thru. That’s when I found Rapid Visa.

Rapid Visa guided us thru all the process, did all our paperwork, insured it was all correct, and was, there to answer all our questions and help ease our minds when we started thinking too much. From the time we first filed our petition, ‘till her final step the interview, the process took just five months!! We filed at the end of September and her plane lands here at JFK International March 4th.… Now, That is what I call a Rapid Visa !! I had looked at a lot of similar places to get help with, but I can say, no other Company or Law Office can do better. Thank You Rapid Visa.

~ Rob and Eva

Rob and EvaPhilippines / United States of America

We are very grateful for how easy and helpful everyone at rapid visa was. Highly recommended to anyone filing for CR-1. They make the process very simple.

~ Kathleen Hussain

Kathleen and AmirPakistan / United States of America