26 Jan 2017

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Removal-Of-ConditionsThe Fastest Removal of Conditions Process in America

If you have a conditional green card that is about to expire you have come to the right place. We can prepare your Removal of Conditions petition in four hours or less. Just create an account and get started. Once you answer our simple questionnaire we will generate your entire Removal of Conditions package, ready for your signature.

But this is not self-service!

No gimmicks, no hidden fees and no asterisks. We prepare your entire removal of conditions. We then review it and make sure it is perfect. We prepare all the forms…all you do is sign them. We are here to support you all the way until your new green card arrives. If anybody claims to be cheaper than RapidVisa they are not telling you the whole story. Absolutely nobody beats our prices, guaranteed. Beware of websites advertising a low price just to get you to call so they can give you high pressure up-sale treatment. This is called Bait & Switch and good companies don’t operate that way.

Here is what you need to know about the Removal of Conditions process…

You can and should apply 90 days before your conditional green card expires.
You must apply before your conditional green card expires unless there is a very good reason for filing late.
You may include your children on this petition if they entered the USA within 90 days of your arrival.
Children who entered the USA more than 90 days after you did will need a separate Removal of Conditions petition and can’t use this program.
If you are no longer married to the U.S. citizen who brought you to the USA and that person has not died, you will need a waiver and should contact an immigration attorney.
If your conditional green card has already expired you will need to attach an explanation indicating extraordinary circumstances beyond your control caused the delay in filing.
You will have a biometrics appointment where they take your fingerprints and photograph.
You may or may not have an interview.
There are no income requirements for the Removal of Conditions and no Affidavit of Support to file.
Still have questions? Just give us a call anytime at 800-872-1458 or click the Live Support button near the top-right of this page.

Click here to determine how soon you can file for removal of conditions.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Immigration is constantly changing, and old information often becomes outdated, including procedures, timelines, prices, and more. Take note of the publish date. For archival purposes, these posts will remain published, even if new information renders them obsolete. Do not make important life decisions based on this content. No part of this post should be considered legal advice, as RapidVisa is not a law firm. This content is provided free of charge for informational purposes only. If anything herein conflicts with an official government website, the official government website shall prevail.

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