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Who is eligible to petition for a child?

US citizens may sponsor children of any age, married or unmarried. That is, any biological offspring of any age (0-100+) whether they’re married or not. US citizens may also petition for stepchildren aged 20 or under, if the marriage creating the steprelationship took place before the child reached the age of 18.

Lawful permanent residents may sponsor unmarried children of any age (0-100+), but may not sponsor any married children.

IR2 Visa Timeline

For unmarried children under the age of 21, the timeline is usually between 6 and 8 months from start to finish, but individual results may vary.
Depending on the country your child is coming from, if they’re 21 or older, timelines may take years. Check priority dates for your country for a more accurate timeline.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only.Questions involving interpretation of specific U.S. laws should be addressed to an attorney and/or government officials.

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