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Can I Use a Joint Sponsor for a Filipina Fiance Visa?

One thing to know since you mentioned she’s Filipino. In the Philippines they do not accept a joint sponsor. A joint sponsor is your solution if your income is too low. A joint sponsor is like a cosponsor on a car, similar to use an analogy maybe people would get quickly. That’s where somebody else who does have adequate income would sign a document basically vouching for your fiance.

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Can a Filipina Get a Divorce in Hong Kong for CENOMAR?

ohn84 from Instagram, “I have a question. Is divorce from another country, example, Hong Kong, valid to use for Filipina in the K1 process whose husband is a Filipino national?” I’m not sure who’s who. Let me read this again. Used for a Filipina in … Okay, so I’m assuming the Filipina is the alien, is the person in the Philippines.

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Can I Expedite My K1 Fiancé Visa if I’m in the Military?

So, question number two. Ejay is asking, “Hello, I have a fiancee in the Philippines. I want to file a fiancee visa for her. I’m serving in the U.S. Army. Is there any way to make it faster since I’m in the military? Similar to what we talked about expediting. You can apply, yes.

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Converting to Islam in the Philippines to Legally Divorce

So, the next bit of news, this has been a topic for a while, and something that we started to see a lot of denials for at the beginning of the year. Since we do a lot of business with the Philippines with fiance visas and spousal visas, Philippines is one of the few countries in the world, to give you a little bit of history, that it’s really hard to get a divorce, especially if you marry in a Catholic church.

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Converting to Islam to “Legally” Divorce in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only country other than the Vatican that outlaws divorce. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many of our customers are surprised to find out that their Filipina fiance cannot qualify for a K1 fiance visa and be with them in the United States due to a previous unresolved marriage.

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Guest Post: How I Met Michell (2 of 2)

Ned Kelly moved to the Philippines in 2013. While there, he has broken his back, become an expert on tropical bacteria and survived back-to-back weeks of sweating through his t-shirt by 9 AM. Amidst these minor little tragedies, he fell into a relationship with his fiancé, Michell.

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Guest Post: How I Met Michell (1 of 2)

Ned Kelly has lived in the Philippines for three and a half years. While there, he co-authored a book on living in the Philippines for those thinking of retiring, working or studying in that distant archipelago. Here’s an excerpt on how he met his fiancé, Michell.

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New RapidVisa Office in Cebu City, Philippines

We’re pleased to announce a new office location in Cebu, Philippines. As of Monday, February 8, we will have at least one employee working at this location 8-5 Monday through Friday. We plan to be fully furnished and staffed by around mid-March, 2016.

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How to Bring Your Partner’s Children to the U.S. from the Philippines

U.S. citizens may petition their fiance or spouse to join them in the United States. In many cases, the fiance or spouse may have children that wish to accompany or “follow-to-join” them. If the child(ren) is unmarried and young enough, they may qualify to join or follow-to-join.

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The Definitive Guide to Getting Married in the Philippines

In the Philippines, this is not a complicated process but it can be very time consuming and may include a few steps or processes that you are not aware of. The original version of this post was made on October 21, 2012, however has been updated today.

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