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How Do I Get My Indian Fiancé to the US?

“What’s the process for getting my Indian fiancee to the United States?”

If you intend to bring your Indian fiance to the US to marry her, that would be the K1 fiance visa. To qualify, the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen, and you both must be legally free to marry – That means previous marriages, if any, have been terminated by death, divorce or annulment.

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How to Bring Your Parents From India to the USA

In 2013, US citizens of Indian descent successfully petitioned for 6,467 parent visas from India. If you’re a US citizen over the age of 21, and you want to bring your parents over to the USA, you can, with an IR-5 parent visa. Green card holders aren’t eligible to petition for their parents only US citizens. So if you’re a US citizen over the age of with a parent in India, you are eligible to petition for your parent using an IR-5 visa.

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