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Here you will find frequently updated information about K-1 Visas and immigrating to the United States to join your fiance. Don’t forget to visit our K1 Visa Overview page if you haven’t already.


Self-Employed Income & Sponsoring an Alien

As a self-employed individual or person who owns a business, it’s natural to take advantage of all the tax deductions you can to reduce your taxable income. You have every right to do it. Unfortunately, for USCIS and tax purposes, your income is basically what you pay taxes on.

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Can I Travel Outside the USA While On a K1 Visa?

Unfortunately the K1 is a single-entry visa. This means once you enter through a port of entry, it is essentially useless. It does not allow you to leave the country and re-enter. It’s best to avoid leaving the country while on a K1 visa. Technically you could apply for a travel document (advance parole), but by the time you get it, your K1 visa will likely be expired anyways.

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DS-160 Now Requires Your Social Media Profiles

The online form DS-160, which is used for all nonimmigrant applicants, including K1 fiance visas, now has a new question about your social media.

The question says quote “Select from the list below each social media platform you have used within the last five years. In the space next to that platform’s name, enter the username or handle you have used on that platform.”

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I Was Recently Hired. Do I Still Need Tax Returns? (Immigration)

"I just started working... I can't provide my last year's taxes, only an employment letter and an estimated annual salary. Is it enough for my affidavit of support?" You are required to provide your most recent tax returns (ideally transcripts). If you didn't file taxes, you'll need to provide at least evidence that you are […]

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Tax Returns vs. Tax Transcripts – Which is Better Income Proof?

"Are tax transcripts showing income better than tax returns to submit proof of income?" IRS tax transcripts are better proof of income because providing you tax return alone does not actually prove that they've been filed with the IRS or that you paid any taxes. Anyone can fill out a 1040 in 5 minutes online. So […]

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Why Doesn’t the Philippines Allow Joint Sponsors for the K1 Visa?

Many US embassies accept joint sponsors for fiance visas. However, unfortunately, the most popular country for the K1 visa, the Philippines, doesn’t allow them. They do allow joint sponsors for married couples applying for CR1 visas, but not the fiance visa. It’s unfortunate, but it’s at the discretion of the embassy and consular officers.

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Can I Travel to Puerto Rico During My 90 Day Fiance Visa?

Puerto Rico is a US territory. Technically you should have no issues traveling there if you came to the States on a K1 visa. Perhaps you plan a honeymoon in Puerto Rico or perform some other traveling before adjusting your status. This should not pose an issue as you don’t cross through customs in most cases.

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Can I Use a Joint Sponsor For a K1 Visa If I Have No Job?

Can I apply for a fiance visa even if I don’t have a job, as long as I have a joint sponsor?

You can certainly apply for a K1 fiance visa if you are currently unemployed. Please note that some U.S. Embassies may not accept joint sponsors for the K-1 fiance visa (e.g. U.S. Embassy, Manila Philippines) whereas, most U.S. Embassies do accept joint sponsors for the CR-1 spousal visas.

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Can A K1 Visa Recipient Work & Travel Before Green Card is Issued?

If you filed Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, and Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, along with Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, you should receive your “combo card” which is both your advance parole, and work permit after some time.

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Fiance Visa With a 49-Year Age Gap

My fiance is 76 and I'm 27 but our relationship's real, I'm worried, what should I do? Age gaps are really common. In fact, they are the rule rather than the exception. For whatever reason in these types of visas, we almost always see an age gap that would be larger than maybe what you […]

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