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What Should Me & My Fiancé Do to Prepare Ahead of Time? (Fiancé/Spousal Visa Prep.)

Irish on Instagram asks, “My fiancé is from the UK. We plan on getting married in October. Is there something we should do beforehand?” Excellent question. A lot of customers call and ask what they can do to prepare for a particular Visa type. And if you’re getting married over in the UK, the primary […]

Can I Use Social Security Disability (SSDI) as Income to Sponsor an Alien?

“Do Social Security Disability payments count towards the income requirement when bringing my fiance or spouse to the USA?” Income is income. Regardless of the source of the income, you can still count it and still use it. You must provide proof and evidence of income. Having said that though, if you look at the […]

Should I Bring My Letter of Intent to the Interview?

Zen asks, “Do we still need to bring a letter of intent to the interview?” What we recommend is that you take an entire copy of your petition to the interview. It’s not always required. They may not ask for the documents. The reason to take it with you is the letter of intent is […]

Can a 20 Year-Old Child Age Out of a K2 Visa?

Mike asks: “My fiancé and I have just completed the application for k1 visa and we would like to know if her 20 yo daughters age will be frozen for k2 visa while the application is being processed as she will Be 21 December 2018.” The K-2 nonimmigrant (child of a K-1 nonimmigrant who is […]

My Fiancé Sponsor Lost Her Second Job

My fiance (sponsor) has 2 jobs to qualify for the income requirement. But, few weeks ago, she lost her second job and still looking for another job . Would that be a problem for our visa processing? Your sponsor must meet the minimum income required to sponsor a family-based immigrant. You can find income requirements […]

How Do I Get My Vietnamese Fiancé to the United States?

The process for this is called the K1 Fiance Visa. To qualify, you the petitioner need to be a U.S. citizen, you both must be legally free to marry, and you must have physically met in person at least once in the last 2 years. Fiance visas are one of RapidVisa’s specialties, and we have […]


What if I Haven’t Known My Fiancé For 2+ Years?

Carlyn says, “What if I haven’t known my fiance for two years?” Let’s say you just met a year ago or less than a year ago. You just hit it off, basically. You don’t have to know each other for two years. The requirement is that you have met within the two years that you […]


Can I Get a K1 Fiance Visa From Pakistan to USA?

Okay Emily ask. I have a fiance in Pakistan well he’d be able to come here? we have been dating three years in July of this year.” That depends of course you have the proper evidence that you have a relationship for three years with your fiance, of course you will need to have proof […]


Fiancé Visa if Gay Marriage is Illegal In My Country?

Yasin asks: “I’m from Palestine. Where gay marriage is not legal. Can I still get a fiancee visa to the USA?” We process quite a few same-sex applications and since they passed DOMA, you can definitely file for the fiancee visa but, just a disclaimer: We work with over a hundred and seventy four countries […]


What If Fiancé Gets Pregnant During K1 Visa?

The first question of this week is from Dave and it states “What happens if my foreign fiance gets pregnant in the middle of the process?” The answer to this is basically your visa does continue with the process just the same. Pregnancy can be used as a as an additional evidence of bona fide […]