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Will USCIS or a U.S. Embassy Look at My Social Media?

“I’ve read they passed a bill on where they go into your social media after interview, which would prolong the process, and that’ll effect a lot of K-1 Visas and my fiance is from the Philippines.” The government has always had that authority to investigate pretty much anything. They already do a background check on […]

Could a Traffic Ticket Get My Removal of Conditions Denied?

“What are the chances of getting a removal of conditions denied, and do traffic violations impact that?” Traffic violations, unless you’re talking about a DUI or something more serious. With the removal of conditions, they want to determine if the relationship was real. It’s the governments chance, two years later, to take another look at […]

What Are Likely Causes of Spousal Visa Denial?

“What are the most common reasons for a spousal visa denial?” The number one thing that trips people up would be finances. Most are approved – certainly if they’re done correctly and not defective in the submission itself. Another way to ask this question could be “if  I do everything right, I completely and properly […]

Converting to Islam to “Legally” Divorce in the Philippines
Islamic divorce in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only country other than the Vatican that outlaws divorce. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many of our customers are surprised to find out that their Filipina fiance cannot qualify for a K1 fiance visa and be with them in the United States due to a previous unresolved marriage. While […]

3 Most Common Reasons for Fiance Visa Denials
3 Most Common Reasons for Fiance Visa Denials

As we’ve said before, fiance visa denial are very low. Even lower if you hire RapidVisa to help. About 95% of all applications are approved, whereas 99.7% of RapidVisa’s customers are approved. Denials are few and far between. But they do happen. Here are some of the most common denial reasons we see out there. Reasons […]

I Received a Request for Evidence (RFE)! Now What?

If you file your visa petition, even if it’s done perfectly, there’s a chance you could get the dreaded “RFE”, or request for evidence. This is when an adjudicating officer requests additional evidence for your pending USCIS petition. It could be something very major, or very minor and benign. Often times, the item requested isn’t […]

What To Do If Your Fiance Visa is Denied

Although the approval rate for fiance visas is high, there are times that it goes wrong. There are many reasons a fiance visa can be denied at the very end of the process. Some reasons are obscure, and some are more common. Often times no reason is given right away, or the reason is generalized […]

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