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Getting Married on a Tourist Visa Then Adjusting Status vs. Spouse Visa

My fiance from China now has a B1/B2 visa, which is a tourist visa. Is it possible to wed in the States and then file for the spousal visa? Yes, you can get married in the US while on a tourist visa. It happens all the time, and doesn’t always have anything to do with […]

Can I Sponsor My Alien Spouse If My Roommate is on Social Security?

Can I sponsor my husband if my housemate gets social security benefits at my address? Yes, certainly, if your housemate is not a dependent. It’s not uncommon to have multiple households living in one house. The “household” refers to all people depending on the same financial means, usually indicated by if you file taxes together. […]

I Came On a Spousal Visa & Divorced – Can I Sponsor a New Spouse?

I’m a US citizen who came to the US on a spousal visa myself. I then divorced my sponsor spouse. Can I now petition for a new spouse myself? No explicit rule or guideline prohibits you from petitioning for a new spouse in this scenario. Bearing that in mind, please know that the case will […]

CR1 Spousal Visa – Timeline Difference Between Citizen & Green Card Sponsor

What’s the time difference for processing between a green card holder and a US citizen [sponsor] for a CR1 spousal visa? On average, you’re looking at about eight to ten months if you’re a US citizen applying for a CR1 visa. If you’re a lawful permanent resident or a green card holder, you’re looking at […]

Does My Joint Sponsor Need To Live With Or Near Me?

No. A joint sponsor can be any US citizen or legal permanent resident who is at least 18 years old and meets the income requirements. Please be advised that some embassies don’t allow the use of joint sponsors for fiance visas. Among these is the Philippines and Vietnam, among others. Please call your embassy to […]

I Work In The Adult Industry – Can I Sponsor My Spouse?

I’m an independent contractor in the adult industry sponsoring my Canadian husband. Is my petition going to be declined because of my profession? Being in the adult industry in and of itself is not a ground for denial for a spousal visa. They will, however, look at criminal history and scrutinize your income at later phases. […]

Does a Child of a Green Card Holder Qualify For Derivative Beneficiary? (CR1/CR2 Visa)

I’ve filed for my husband (CR1 spousal visa), and I’m a green card holder. Will his five-year-old daughter qualify for derivative beneficiary? You will have to file another petition for the child. You will need to file a new I-130 and all the same documents that you filed for your husband, but you can petition […]

CR1/IR1 Spousal Visa Medical Exam – What Should I Expect?

Ahmed asks, “What should I expect from the medical exam on a spousal visa?” All applicants preparing to enter the US on a CR1 spousal visa are required to complete a medical exam before the consular officer will approve it. This medical exam is at the end of the process. We recommend completing the medical […]

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Denial? (Fiancé/Spouse Visas)

What are the most common reasons for denials? The number one reason we’re seeing right now is for finances. That’s the affidavit of support. We used to see quite a few RFEs, but now we’re actually seeing denials come in, because they do not meet the income requirements. For a fiance visa, you have to […]

Sponsoring an Alien – Work History & Using Assets

I’m curious about being a sponsor. How long do I need to be at my job for proof of income, and how do I use my home to sponsor my spouse? If I want to bring a foreign individual to the USA, be that a spouse or a child or a parent, or a brother, […]

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