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What NVC Documents Do I Send to My Spouse?

Video Transcript: My wife and I are RapidVisa customers. Our CR1 spouse petition was approved a few days ago. As a beneficiary and a RapidVisa customer, I want to know what are the documents I must send/mail to my wife for her to submit along with her civil documents on NVC. In other words, what are the missing required documents I […]


Should I Wait to Get NVC Number to Send My Affidavit of Support?

Video Transcript: Okay Rodney says I have a paid RapidVisa’s account customer service is great has answered all my questions was was going to ask today regarding the AOS that’s adjustment status. Should I send it oh wait a minute maybe he’s after Davis support should I send it now or wait until I get […]


How Do I Get My Colombian Fiancé to the USA?

Video Transcript: Next question comes from John. I met a girl in Colombia, last year on vacation we’ve been building a relationship over the last year and decided we want to tie the knot. How do I get her to the United States to live with me? well since you said live with you I […]


What Benefits Does the Spousal Visa Have vs. Fiance Visa?

Video Transcript: Okay first question comes from Bob. What benefits does the spousal visa have over the fiancee visa? Well actually spousal visa has quite a few benefits over a fiance visa first and foremost it comes with a lawful permanent resident card which is the green card what that means is once the alien […]


10 Perks Included in your Paid RapidVisa Account

Video Transcript: If you’re researching who should assist you with your visa green card and naturalization you may wonder just how RapidVisa is different. Hi I’m Daniel Ives assembly team manager at RapidVisa and in this video I’m going to explain how RapidVisa does much more than filling out the government forms as i go […]

Converting to Islam to “Legally” Divorce in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only country other than the Vatican that outlaws divorce. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many of our customers are surprised to find out that their Filipina fiance cannot qualify for a K1 fiance visa and be with them in the United States due to a previous unresolved marriage. While […]

green card scams

Green Card Scams

This page addresses why green card scams are so prevalent and how to avoid them. Many First World nationals have a tendency to take their citizenship for granted. That is, we sometimes forget just how fortunate we are to be part of the 8% of the world’s population that was born into a developed “First […]

Income Requirements for Fiancé (K1) and Spousal (CR1) Visas

Whether you are looking to sponsor a fiance (K1) or spousal visa (CR1), keep in mind that specific visa income requirements are required by the USCIS. These financial requisites are in place to ensure that the sponsored foreign national does not become a “public charge” – that is, to make sure that they are not […]

Visa Memoirs Podcast #3 (2-25-16) Wyatt & Cheryl

Wyatt and Cheryl met online and hit it off when they discovered their mutual interest in current affairs and politics. After spending many hours on Skype, they decided to tie the knot and bring Cheryl over to Nevada on a CR1 visa. Visa Type: CR1 visa Country: Philippines Would you like to be on the podcast? Please go […]

Visa Memoirs Podcast #2 (2-18-16) Alex & Michelle

Alex & Michelle met when they were connected by a friend while Alex was doing missions work in the Philippines. Listen to their story of meeting, falling in love, marrying and moving to Nashville, Tennessee on a CR1 spousal visa. Visa Type: CR1 visa Country: Philippines Would you like to be on the podcast? Please go here!