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Best Assets in Lieu of Income for U.S. Immigration

If you do not meet the income requirement for your particular immigration application, you may be able to use assets. For marriage-based immigration, you can use up to ⅓ of the assets towards the income requirements. For example, if your income requirement is $50,000, and you have no income, but have at least $150,000 in […]

Lapse in 3-Year Work History – Affidavit of Support

“How many years of W-2s and tax returns are they looking for? My husband stopped working in 2016 because we planned to hold the wedding in the Philippines and he stayed for a few months in the Philippines then returned to work in 2017 and 2018. Are we required to write a letter of explanation […]

Should I Wait to Get NVC Number to Send My Affidavit of Support?

Okay Rodney says: “I have a paid RapidVisa’s account. Customer service is great has answered all my questions, I was going to ask today regarding the AOS that’s adjustment status. Should I send it now or wait until I get the NVC number? ” Okay I’m gonna assume by AOS you mean affidavit of support […]

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