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RapidVisa Las Vegas Ribbon Cutting Event

Below is footage from our corporate ribbon cutting event at our new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. A press release can be seen here.

Don’t Send Incomplete Petitions to RapidVisa’s Assembly Team!

Do I have to send my complete petition all at once to RapidVisa? Yes. If you’re using our service, we’re going to have a phone call with you, which we call the Premail Checklist. During this call, we will go through the documents and supporting evidence verbally with you to make sure you’re sending the right […]

Why Does RapidVisa Request Items Not Mentioned By USCIS?

“Why does RapidVisa require things the USCIS doesn’t?” Our assembly department may find that your petition is missing something that we require and put your petition on hold before mailing them to the USCIS. Our job is to give your case the best chance of going through the system smoothly, so part of our strategy […]

How Does RapidVisa Have a 99.7% Approval Rating?

“You guys advertise 99.7% approval rate, is that just the USCIS stage, or is that the percentage for the embassy stage as well?” 99.7% is our approval rate for all petition types (tourist visas not counted as no petition is involved). How is that even possible? We are able to accomplish this by pre-screening all […]

Which Countries Has RapidVisa Helped Clients From?

As of today, February 19, 2019, we’ve successfully assisted people from 187 countries. Some countries produce more demand for fiance visas & spousal visas than others. As many would expect, many of our customers come from Asia and Latin America. This is simply based on demand. List of Countries We Have Assisted Clients From Afghanistan […]

2019 RapidVisa Youtube Channel Introduction

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, and also check us out on Facebook. [Ben]: Hi, I’m Ben, founder and CEO of RapidVisa. Welcome to our channel! [Camila (English)] RapidVisa is America’s largest full-service online family immigration service provider. [Camila (Portuguese)]RapidVisa é a maior empresa americana de imigração familiar que oferece serviço online completo. [Pedro (English)] […]

What Does RapidVisa Even Do? 🤨🤔

Much like some extremely reputable companies in paralleling industries, such as TurboTax or LegalZoom, we’ve built state of the art cloud software that takes the pain out of the immigration process. But we offer more than just an online form simplifier. We typically help our customers for several months to a year, all for one flat fee.

Is RapidVisa a Scam?

Eli says, “How do I know RapidVisa isn’t a scam? This question is very understandable, considering you’re about to trust us with a major life-important process and you are doing business online. There are several things you can do to check us out. We have a Better Business Bureau accreditation. You can check with them. […]

Does RapidVisa Only Serve the Philippines?

Next question comes to us from Instagram: “Do you guys mainly help with the Philippines? My fiancee is from the Dominican Republic.” Excellent question. Last time I checked, I believe we’ve processed visas from over 174 countries. We do mention Philippines a lot because we do have a couple of call centers over there, and […]

10 Perks Included in your Paid RapidVisa Account

If you’re researching who should assist you with your visa green card and naturalization you may wonder just how RapidVisa is different. Hi I’m Daniel Ives assembly team manager at RapidVisa and in this video I’m going to explain how RapidVisa does much more than filling out the government forms as i go over 10 […]

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