My fiance and I have spent countless hours on Skype but have yet to meet in person. Can Skype logs go to proving our relationship is bona fide? Absolutely but you can submit any kind of evidence. They have some guidelines on evidence but there's not an exact punch list where they say, "You've got to give us this or you're not approved." Right? There's no exact list, probably because there are just too many variables on how relationships develop. However, the important thing to know is nothing will replace having met in person.

I said nothing, there are some fringe cases and very rare circumstances where people have been able to get a waiver around meeting in person but you're not gonna get one.

It's the same guy who wins the lottery twice, he's the guy who gets that waiver. Don't even think about trying it would be our advice but can you use Skype logs as part of your evidence? Yes. It's some evidence. It can't be your only evidence. Anything like that, phone logs, Skype logs, chat logs, certainly photographs and stuff together but if we're talking about long distance correspondence, yeah, anything you got. You want to provide it. It's not going to work by itself probably but because you know, unfortunately you can have Skype records, that's not definitive proof that it was even you. Could have been somebody else. So you can understand how an adjudicator would see that as another piece of evidence but it doesn't slam dunk prove the case that you've got a relationship just because you've spend 500 hours on Skype. Unfortunately, that's not going to get you all the way there but it's helpful.

I'll say on the assembly point of view, that's the department I work in, in the beginning that stuff isn't really that helpful. Really, you're just trying to prove you've met in person like he spoke about. Later on, in the interview, yeah. Definitely bring the logs, the emails, the chats, make sure they're appropriate. You can bring them in and that helps prove that you're in a bona fide relationship, right.

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