Can I Postpone My Interview While I Gather Documents? (Fiance/Spousal Visa)

24 Jul 2018

Sandy asks, “Does it matter if your case is at the NVC, ready for interview schedule, but you don’t want to set the interview date yet, because you’re still gathering documents?”

Fiance Visa

If you’re filing for a fiance visa, you actually control that timeline yourself with most embassies. What that means is, you physically schedule your interview online in most cases.

Now, one thing you wanna be cognizant of, you want to look at your approval notice date. The approval notice from the USCIS says “valid for four months.” So you want to be careful not to go beyond that, because you want to show the Department of State and show the embassy that you’re still pursuing this visa. If you go much farther past that, you’ll probably receive a notice that your approval notice has expired. But as long as you continue to work on the case, and you’re still moving forward. And what I mean by moving forward is you contact the embassy, you let them know that you’re still pursuing this but you’re just held up because you’re trying to obtain some documents.

Spousal Visa

If it is a spousal visa, the National Visa Center will reach out to the embassy and schedule that interview for you. In the event that it is a spousal visa and they do schedule the interview for you, you can contact the US Embassy and you can reschedule that appointment. We have quite a few customers that do reschedule. You can do it online, but you can also call the embassy and probably speak with an officer. Sometimes they have access to dates and calendars that you can’t see. Most calendars we see online usually only go out a month or two out in advance and that’s all that you can see.

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