Can I Apply For a K1 Visa From a Country Other Than My Own?

10 Aug 2018

“I am a Filipino working in London. My fiance is an American and he wants to apply for the K1 fiancee visa while I’m in the UK, is that possible? What’s the process to apply from a country other than my home country?”

This is a very common situation, especially for a lot of our customers from the Philippines. A lot of them are OFWs, “overseas foreign workers”, and it’s not a problem at all. We’ve processed hundreds if not thousands of cases or petitions just like yours. The primary requirement is that you have to be a lawful permanent resident in that country (the UK in your case). Most OFWs of course have a work visa in that particular country, so they’re there in a legal status. But if you’re in that country and you’re in what is referred to as an unlawful status or illegal status, you may want to rethink that.

If you’re residing legally in the UK is when you file, you will likely attend the interview there in London. In the case of a K1, you’ll schedule your own interview and your medical exam, whereas on a spousal visa, the National Visa Center would do that. Everything else will be pretty much the same, only it will be in London instead of Manila. Now if for whatever reason you did change locations, you moved back to the Philippines before you’ve had your interview, you’d want to change your address immediately. You can do that online, you can also do it when you’re filling out the DS-160 visa application. But you want to do that well in advance because once the paperwork goes to the US Embassy there in the UK, and you move back to the Philippines, you’d have to submit a request to transfer a case and those can be very time-consuming. We’ve seen those transfers take up to two to three months.

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