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+ Gov. Fees

What’s Included in Our Professional Immigration Service?

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to provide much more than form-assistance, for one all-inclusive fee. Our premium service includes:

Personalized consultation & guidanceDocument preparation, review & submissionPhone & chat support 7-days a weekSecure drop box for transferring filesSecure account accessible worldwide, 24/7Postage fees & petition materialsAccess to our physical officesAbility to charge USCIS fees to a credit cardPayment plans (Including USCIS Filing Fee!)SMS, phone & email courtesy notificationsMoney-back guarantee.

U.S. Naturalization Timeline

(Usually 7-12 months on average from start to finish)

  • Petition Review

    4 Hours

    1-3 Weeks

    3-5 Weeks
  • NOA 3

    5-9 Months
  • Approval/Denial

    3-5 Weeks
  • Oath Ceremony

    1-3 Weeks

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