New Document Reveals Biden’s Far-Reaching Plans to Expand Legal Immigration

Blueprint obtained by the NY Times show the president's ambitious immigration agenda President Biden has already made significant strides in rebuilding the legal immigration system, and a new document obtained by the New York Times shows how far-reaching his ambitions are to make the United States more welcoming to immigrants. The 46-page document, called "DHS […]

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A list of countries where U.S. residents — both citizens and legal permanent residents — can travel to during the pandemic

As more Americans get vaccinated, the lure of international travel beckons. Maybe there’s a loved one or partner who lives in another country that you are really eager to see. So, where can you go? Below is a list of countries where U.S. residents — both citizens and legal residents — can travel (as of […]

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Top 3 RFEs for the K1 Fiancé Visa

There are different departments involved with the processing of a non-immigrant K-1 fiance visa. There are different types of requests for evidence (RFE) generally issued by department. Top 3 RFEs at the USCIS Proof that intent to marry was genuine. Proof of meeting in person within two years of filing their petition. Proof that all […]

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What Is a Remittance? A Guide to Transferring Money Abroad

A remittance is a sum of money sent from one person to another, typically overseas The following question will sound familiar to many people who live and work outside of their home countries: “How do I send money back home to my loved ones?" For example, you might be working in the United States and […]

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Immigrants and Entrepreneurship

A RapidVisa report uses data to illustrate the vital role U.S. immigrants play in job creation and driving the economy

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How to Set Up a Courthouse Wedding

Find out what you need to legally marry your partner in a courthouse wedding If you want to get married, but don’t want to deal with the astronomical cost and hassle of coordinating a traditional wedding, a courthouse wedding is a great option. Also called a civil wedding or civil ceremony, a courthouse wedding still […]

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8 Podcasts About U.S. Immigration and the Immigrant Experience

From unique stories to immigration policy updates, these podcasts explore life in the U.S. What does it mean to be an immigrant in the United States? These podcasts answer this question as it deserves to be answered: by immigrants themselves. From reported series to curated conversations, each of these shows illuminate different aspects of the […]

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What if I don’t remember all my addresses?

What if I don't remember all my addresses? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows some flexibility on this section of the green card application, and is generally understanding if the sponsoring spouse or spouse seeking a green card can’t remember certain addresses or dates. However, if there are significant gaps in address history, a […]

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The IR-5 Visa, Explained

Understanding the IR5 visa for parents of U.S. citizens Green Card (Parent) What is the IR-5 visa? The IR-5 visa allows the parent or parents of a U.S. citizen to lawfully live and work in the United States. Is the IR-5 right for me? If you are a U.S citizen and have a parent or […]

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How to Read the Visa Bulletin

The monthly publication that reveals wait times for certain green card applicants What Is the Visa Bulletin If you or your family member is a green card holder and you’re planning on applying for a family-based. green card, you’ve probably heard about the visa bulletin. The visa bulletin is issued every month by the Department […]

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