USCIS Fees Changing in 2020!

The USCIS recently proposed fee changes in the Federal Register for all USCIS filing fees. While some of the fees are in fact decreasing slightly, such as the biometrics fee, a few fees are increasing significantly. The hardest-hit are children under 14 years old applying for adjustment of status, who will see the fee increase by [...]

Best Assets in Lieu of Income for U.S. Immigration

If you do not meet the income requirement for your particular immigration application, you may be able to use assets. For marriage-based immigration, you can use up to ⅓ of the assets towards the income requirements. For example, if your income requirement is $50,000, and you have no income, but have at least $150,000 in [...]

Expediting a Spousal Visa (Form I-130) While in the Military

We're just about to send our 130 Petition. My husband is in active duty military. We want to expedite the process as he will be leaving for his next duty station in the U.S. on December. Do we need to put the expedite letter in the petition package when we send it, or wait for [...]

Can We Move In Together While On Visa Waiver?

I am from Germany and my boyfriend is an American. We want to experience living with each other before committing to marriage. Can I visit on a visa waiver then adjust status if we decide to get married? Yes, however it is not technically the correct way to do it. This might be viewed by [...]

What is Advance Parole & How Do I Apply?

Advance Parole, otherwise known as a Travel Document or Travel Permit, is a document that permits an alien who is awaiting lawful permanent resident status to travel abroad and return to the United States without another visa. Such persons include those who have applied for adjustment of status but haven’t received their green card yet. [...]

Adjustment of Status Medical Exams (Excluding K1)

We have a quick public service announcement for any adjustment of status applicants who did NOT enter on a K1 fiance visa. As part of your process, you’ll need to have a medical exam with an authorized civil surgeon. You cannot just go to your run of the mill doctor of your choice. You must [...]

Trump's New Spousal Visa Health Insurance Requirement Starts November 3

President Trump issued a proclamation, requiring all immigrant visa applicants to show proof that they will be covered by health insurance. This situation is subject to change quickly, but at the time of this recording, this is the best information we have. As of November 3, during your immigrant visa interview, you will be required [...]

New Public Charge Rule Thrown Out... For Now...

On October 11, just days before the new public charge rule was about to go into effect, federal judges in New York, California and Washington State issued injunctions temporarily blocking the rule. The rule, which we reported on in our last live stream, would have imposed stricter income guidelines, such as a “safe zone” for [...]

What If There Are No Interview Dates Before My Application Deadline?

What happens if my fiance didn't get an interview date before his application deadline for visa? Every time my fiance checks, it's saying no available dates. He just got a date, but it's after the deadline. Should we be worried, or is that normal? We always advise customers to call the embassy, because, it's only [...]

When Will My Green Card Arrive After Adjustment of Status?

I had my interview for adjustment of status from a K1 on 20th of August. The interview went smoothly. Within 20 minutes, the officer said we were good, but she will have to review and mail our card if everything's okay. It's been almost 21 days, and my case is still under review. Should I [...]

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