Federal Judge Blocks USCIS Fee Increase

A federal judge granted a motion to temporarily block the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) new fee rule that was originally scheduled to go into effect on October 2, 2020. The published new fee rule has an average 20% increase over 72 immigration benefit applications. USCIS filing fee for Naturalization would increase 83%, from [...]

RapidVisa Introduces Core Payment Plans Starting At $99/mo.
RapidVisa Introduces Core Payment Plans Starting At $99/mo.

We are pleased to announce our new core payment plans. These are for customers who want to write their own USCIS check, but want a payment plan for RapidVisa fees.  The core payment plans are priced as follows: K1 fiance visa - $99/mo. K1 fiance visa & adjustment of status combo - $109/mo. Adjustment of [...]

US Temporarily Halts China Visa Interviews Due to Coronavirus
US Temporarily Halts China Visa Interviews Due to Coronavirus

On Friday, January 31 President Trump signed a proclamation barring entry to the United States of most foreign nationals who traveled to China within the 14 days immediately prior to arrival in the United States.   The proclamation went into effect on February 2.  This action follows the declaration of a public health emergency in the [...]

Public Charge Rule Starts February 24, 2020
Public Charge Rule Starts February 24, 2020

You may remember back in the second half of 2019, DHS published its final public charge rule. The rule outlines stricter requirements including disqualifying nonimmigrants who used certain public benefits, and also disclosing an “income safe zone” which is above 250% the HHS poverty guidelines.  Several courts filed injunctions on this rule, which delayed its [...]

Issues With Assets & Consular Officer Discretion

Income is very subjective, meaning that the decision comes down to the discretion of the officer reviewing your case. We've seen numerous cases where the USCIS officer didn't even accept the assets being included, or if they didn't accept them, or they didn't believe that they were adequate. Keep in mind when you're using assets, [...]

Why Do Spousal Visas Take Longer for Permanent Residents Than Citizens?

"Why does the CR1 take longer for a green card sponsor?" The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets the number of immigrant visas that may be issued to aliens seeking to become lawful permanent residents (get a Green Card) each year. Immigrant visas for the family-sponsored immigrant preference categories are numerically limited, so they are [...]

We Got Married While Our K1 Visa Was Pending

"My fiancee and I have decided to get married in the Philippines but we already applied for a fiancee visa. So how much paperwork is involved and are we starting over?" If you filed for a fiancee visa and you got married, you're no longer eligible for a fiancee visa so that would require you [...]

K1 Visa Requirements in 2020

Not everyone will meet the K-1 visa requirements. This list is the main k-1 visa eligibility requirements, but every petition is different. USCIS and consular officers are different and some countries may have additional requirements. If you work with an immigration attorney, or a fiance visa agency, they will carefully review your situation to verify that you meet all of [...]

Traveling Abroad Before Adjusting Status
Traveling Abroad Before Adjusting Status

Would it be possible to get married in the US on a K1 visa and come back to the Philippines right after marriage while processing for adjustment of status? -Karen The K1 fiance visa is a single-entry visa. This is not a multiple-entry visa. It is for the sole purpose of coming to the United [...]

Spousal Visa When Alien is Unemployed
Spousal Visa When Alien is Unemployed

"If I'm unemployed does it affect my US spousal visa? I've never worked." No. It's not going to affect your case or your petition if you, the applying alien, haven't ever worked before. Now, having said that, your US citizen sponsor or green card holder sponsor would have to prove that they meet the financial [...]

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