White House to Potentially Expand Travel Ban

When a visitor enters the US as a nonimmigrant, and does not exit the US before the terms of the visa allow, this is referred to as an "overstay". Overall, the rate of overstays is low. In fact, in 2018, only 0.41% of visitors on ESTA overstayed, and only 2% of B1/B2 visitor visa holders [...]

Do Visits After Getting Married Help Spousal Visa Chances?

"Does the USCIS take into account the visits between partners after getting married?" Absolutely. They take everything into account when you're looking at establishing a bona fide or legitimate relationship. The more visits you have, the better. It's also a good time to co-mingle finances if you haven't already. Having children together is also great [...]

The NVC is Taking Forever! What Can I Do?

"We applied and were approved through the USCIS back in March, but I've heard nothing from the NVC yet." From our experience, once you get the approval you should be getting the instructions after you receive the NOA2, which is a Notice of Action indicating approval of your application. But if you have not heard [...]

Tax Returns vs. Tax Transcripts - Which is Better Income Proof?

"Are tax transcripts showing income better than tax returns to submit proof of income?" IRS tax transcripts are better proof of income because providing you tax return alone does not actually prove that they've been filed with the IRS or that you paid any taxes. Anyone can fill out a 1040 in 5 minutes online. So [...]

Why Doesn't the Philippines Allow Joint Sponsors for the K1 Visa?

Why would the Philippines not allow a joint sponsor for a K-1? Many US embassies accept joint sponsors for fiance visas. However, unfortunately, the most popular country for the K1 visa, the Philippines, doesn't allow them. They do allow joint sponsors for married couples applying for CR1 visas, but not the fiance visa. It's unfortunate, [...]

When Should I Get My Fiance Visa NOA1 in 2019?

How long does it normally take to get feedback when the US Petitioner files for a K-1 Fiance Visa? The first form of communication that you're going to receive is called a receipt notice, and it comes on Form I-797 Notice of Action, and you should receive those within two to three weeks of filing your [...]

Legal Marijuana Users To Be Denied Naturalization

On April 19, 2019, the USCIS issued a policy guidance update in the USCIS Policy Manual. The update clarifies that violations of federal controlled substance law, including violations involving marijuana, are generally a bar to establishing good moral character for naturalization, even where that conduct would not be an offense under state law. So, as [...]

I Can't Find a Joint Sponsor! Now What?

My I-130 has been approved for seven months now, but I can't find an affidavit of support joint sponsor because my daughter who filed for us is a student. How can you help? RapidVisa cannot be your joint sponsor, unfortunately. So we don't have any service related to this. However, once you have found a [...]

Why Bring Photos to My K1 Visa Interview?

If I provided photos of us together in the petition, why is it sometimes asked for in the beneficiary's interview? You'll be asked to provide photos of you together as proof that you have met in person. It is up to the interviewing officer's discretion at the embassy to require you produce things that have [...]

Immigrant Visa - What Language Will I Be Interviewed In?

"Will my visa interview be in English? What if my English is not so good?" The US government conducts business in English, of course. But US embassies are staffed with a large number of locals. And to apply for a visa doesn't require you to know English. Most interviews are held in English by default [...]

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