I Came On a Spousal Visa & Divorced - Can I Sponsor a New Spouse?

I'm a US citizen who came to the US on a spousal visa myself. I then divorced my sponsor spouse. Can I now petition for a new spouse myself? No explicit rule or guideline prohibits you from petitioning for a new spouse in this scenario. Bearing that in mind, please know that the case will [...]

Which Countries Has RapidVisa Helped Clients From?

As of today, February 19, 2019, we've successfully assisted people from 187 countries. Some countries produce more demand for fiance visas & spousal visas than others. As many would expect, many of our customers come from Asia and Latin America. This is simply based on demand. List [...]

CR1 Spousal Visa - Timeline Difference Between Citizen & Green Card Sponsor

What's the time difference for processing between a green card holder and a US citizen [sponsor] for a CR1 spousal visa? On average, you're looking at about eight to ten months if you're a US citizen applying for a CR1 visa. If you're a lawful permanent resident or a green card holder, you're looking at [...]

Do I Submit the Same Documents & Evidence for K1 Visa & AOS?

Will I be submitting the same documents for adjustment of status that I did at the K1 interview? A lot of the same documents will be submitted for your adjustment of status. The only difference is that you want to have current documents. For instance: Your income. If you've just gone through the K1 fiance [...]

Does My Joint Sponsor Need To Live With Or Near Me?

No. A joint sponsor can be any US citizen or legal permanent resident who is at least 18 years old and meets the income requirements. Please be advised that some embassies don't allow the use of joint sponsors for fiance visas. Among these is the Philippines and Vietnam, among others. Please call your embassy to [...]

Getting Married in the Philippines - PSA Marriage Certificate

How long is the PSA [Philippine Statistics Authority] taking for the official marriage certificate? I will need this before applying for the CR1 spousal visa. If you get married in the Philippines (civil), you will need to take the certificate of marriage to the local Philippine Civil Registrar where one the parties is a resident. [...]

How Strict is the K1 Fiancé Visa 2-Year Meeting Requirement?

The last time I was with my fiance was July of 2017. Is it okay to apply for a fiance visa at the end of 2019 or would it be wise to visit again at the end of 2019? You can't apply at the end of 2019. The two-year meeting requirement when you file is [...]

Should I File Adjustment of Status Before My I-94 Expires?

Is it highly recommended to apply for the AOS (Adjustment of Status) before the I-94 expires? Certainly, a significant number of people are applying after the I-94 date has passed. In fact, perhaps most, simply because typically it's only a 90 day stay and it takes longer than that to ever get through any immigration [...]

2019 RapidVisa Youtube Channel Introduction

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, and also check us out on Facebook. [Ben]: Hi, I’m Ben, founder and CEO of RapidVisa. Welcome to our channel! [Camila (English)] RapidVisa is America’s largest full-service online family immigration service provider. [Camila (Portuguese)]RapidVisa é a maior empresa americana de imigração familiar que oferece serviço online completo. [Pedro (English)] [...]

I Work In The Adult Industry - Can I Sponsor My Spouse?

I'm an independent contractor in the adult industry sponsoring my Canadian husband. Is my petition going to be declined because of my profession? Being in the adult industry in and of itself is not a ground for denial for a spousal visa. They will, however, look at criminal history and scrutinize your income at later phases. [...]

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