Anything I Should Do During My Trip to Visit My Fiancé?

15 May 2018

Joshua Strange asks: “I’m going to the Philippines next Friday. Is there anything special I need to do for the K-1 visa?”

Whether or not you’re going for the first time, you want to keep evidence of your meeting. For the K1, one of the things you have to prove is that you’ve physically met in person. You can’t do this by proxy. Of course, you’re going there, so that is going to be the case, but make sure you get evidence. Believe it or not, of the over 40,000 we’ve done, we’ve had fortunately only two occasions where a person actually claimed they had no pictures. I’m skeptical of that to be quite frank. I think maybe they’re trying to get away with not actually meeting and trying to fake it somehow, because everybody has a phone in their pocket, and Filipinos certainly love to take pictures.

So, pictures are important. Pictures of you and her together of course, and then with her family, that’s even better. Then hang on to your evidence that you made the trip there. Of course, there will be a stamp in your passport when you enter, when you go through customs in the Philippines. That will become important later. Just hang on to the evidence from your trip. Hotel receipts, etc. are good to show that you were there, and it cements the date, and then of course, you have the pictures also to prove that. That’s really all you have to worry about right now. Until you have that evidence of meeting, you can’t start any kind of paperwork. You can certainly go on our site right now and make an account, and get ready and start answering questions. But nothing can be officially started with the government until you have had that meeting in person, and then you can file.

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