10 Stunning Photos of Chinese New Year Outside of China

20 Feb 2015

This week our office in China has been closed, due to the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year. This year is the “Year of the Goat“. We all know that China has one of the most ubiquitous cultures in the world, but would you believe the celebrations people have all over the world?

Check out how the rest of the world celebrates!

1. Perth, Australia

Chinese New Year East Perth, Perth, Western Australia
CC image courtesy of Daniel Lee on Flickr

Fireworks light up the night sky over the Swan River in East Perth, Australia in 2013.

2. London, UK

Dragon in London
CC image courtesy of Paul on Flickr

Chinese dragon on the streets of London in 2009.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Chinese New Year parade
CC image courtesy of Hubert Figuière on Flickr

A cloud of firework smoke fills the air of a street in Vancouver, BC at the Spring Festival parade in 2010.

4. The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague Chinese New Year
CC image courtesy of Christopher A. Dominic on Flickr

This shot captures fire crackers mid-explosion in front of a shop in Chinatown, The Hague.

5. Edmonton, Canada

Chinese New Year Edmonton, Canada 2015
CC image courtesy of IQRemix on Flickr

Children performing cultural dance at Edmonton’s Chinese New Year Extravaganza in 2015.

6. San Francisco, USA

Chinese New Year in San Fran
CC image courtesy of Roshan Vyas on Flickr

Hipsters in San Francisco take the opportunity to light off some fireworks in Chinatown in 2013.

7. Yokohama, Japan

CC image courtesy of tanakawho on Flickr

A Sun Wukong in Yokohama, one of the largest Chinatowns in the world.

8. Dublin, Ireland

CC image courtesy of William Murphy on Flickr

Dancer performs at Dublin Chinese New Year Festival (DCNYF) in 2014.

9. Liverpool, England

CC image courtesy of Beverly Goodwin on Flickr

2014 was the “Year of the Horse” as you can see in Liverpool.

10. Manila, Philippines

Philippines Chinese New Year
CC image courtesy of Jojo Nicdao on Flickr

Dragon performers take a breather in Manila, Philippines in 2014.

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