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RapidVisa  The premier web-based immigration petition processor in America

 We prepare all forms for all stages, including embassy stage, you just sign.
 RapidVisa's software and processes are immigration attorney approved.
 Full embassy support included.
 Full phone support included.
 Kids free with paid adult (government fees still apply to kids).
 Interview preparation included.
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 Guaranteed approval or your money back.
 We will beat any advertised price in America.
 Open 7 Days a Week.
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We prepare your petition for submission to the U.S. government. All of our petitions have a money-back guarantee. We also guarantee our price is the lowest in America. Your entire petition could be ready in a matter of a few hours!

No gimmicks, no hidden fees and no asterisks. We prepare your entire visa petition. We then review it and make sure it is perfect. We prepare all the forms...all you do is sign them. Later, when it is time for the embassy interview we prepare all the documents necessary for that stage of the process at no extra charge. And you can include children at no additional charge from RapidVisa (government filing fees still apply to children). We are here to support you all the way through the interview. If anybody claims to be cheaper than RapidVisa they are not telling you the whole story. Absolutely nobody beats our prices, guaranteed. Beware of websites advertising a low price just to get you to call so they can give you high pressure up-sale treatment. This is called Bait & Switch and good companies don't operate that way.

RapidVisa is Not Just a Website

We are not just a website. Our physical address is at the bottom of every page on this site and although it is never necessary to visit in person, you are welcome to drop by anytime, no appointment necessary. Most websites offering visa services online these days are just individuals with no physical office. Do you really want some guy in an apartment assembling your petition at his kitchen table? RapidVisa's staff includes at least 14 full time employees ready to assist you.

Prepare From Anywhere in the World

RapidVisa can prepare your petition no matter where you are. We serve all 50 states and every country in the world. You can complete the process from anywhere in the world or from right here in the USA. You and your loved-one can even log into your account and work on it together even if you are on opposite sides of the world.

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K-1 Fiancee Visa
CR-1 Spousal Visa
K-3 Spousal Visa
Adjustment of Status (green card application)
Removal of Conditions
IR-5 Parent Visa
Government Income Requirements

Our Fees
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RapidVisa is Not Just a Website

My wife and I just wanted to say thank you for everything that your team has done to make the K1 Visa process easy.  The K1 Visa process can be very stressful, but the way you set up the forms for all the documentation is amazing; I’ve never seen anything like it.  Because we’ve used you for the K1 Visa, we used you for the Adjustment of Status as well.  It was great because you had already kept our information in your system and automatically input it into some of the forms.  This is a tremendous system that you have, it is clear and concise, and we are happy to have found your team to help us through this process.  The best part is that somebody has always answered a question that we have had, and has been very friendly and willing to help us with anything that we needed.  This is what really sets your company apart!

My wife and I are currently living in sunny San Diego and are expecting our first child in July :D. Again, we thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication towards your customers!"

Cameron and Luisa

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Our Service Fees
K-1 Fiancée Visa $375
K-3 Spousal Visa $475
CR-1 Spousal Visa $450
Adjustment of Status $325
Removal of Conditions $200
IR-5 Parent Visa $500
Children Accompanying Free
Legal oversight provided by Hogan Law Firm.

Not associated with the government.
Live support 7 days a week. We prepare all documents, you just sign. Free Demo.

Legal oversight by Hogan Law Firm.
Just need forms? Get them free at
Open 7 Days a Week

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